FOCUS ON HIS BLESSINGS – Evangelist Mike Bamiloye

Genesis 13:2 NKJV
“Abram was very rich in livestock, in silver, and in gold”
Even when the Lord God had not given a Child to Abraham, he was blessed with Silver and Gold and much Livestock. The Lord made him wealthy, while his wife was still Barren.

You may not have the exact desire of your heart from God now, but surely, He is faithful to you somehow. There are some things He had done for you different from all what you are asking Him for.

Some times ago, a brother was so depressed and looking lean and looking frail out of depression. So asked him why he was so depressed and losing interest in all things around him. Then, he complained that he had no money to do many things. And many times he stays a whole day without much to eat. He did not know what else to do, so he was beginning to be depressed.

Then, I sat him down and said to him, “Why do you want the devil to kill you? Who would believe this thing you are saying now? That you have no money? Yet, your first born is in University 300 level, your second child is in 200 level in the University, your third child is in SS2, and you have built a house, though it is not yet painted, so no landlord is pursuing you around, yet all the Devil could tell you is that you have nothing much to eat and no money to spend, and he is already putting you in depression!”

The essence of all these is this: Never allow the Devil to focus your attention on What the Lord has not done. ALWAYS FOCUS ON ALL WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE AND THANK HIM FOR ALL THESE AND ALSO PRAISE HIM FOR ALL HE WILL STILL DO, AND THE ONES HE HAS DONE, WHICH ARE YET TO GET TO YOU.

This Year is Our Year of seeing “The Manifestations of His Power.”

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