As we resume our FKW series this year, we are studying the book of Esther. I realised I couldn’t just pick a part of Esther,there is so much God would have us learn from Esther. Today we will understand the ERROR OF VASHTI.

On the seventh day of the party, the king, high on the wine, ordered the seven eunuchs who were his personal servants )to bring him Queen Vashti resplendent in her royal crown. He wanted to show off her beauty to the guests and officials. She was extremely good-looking. But Queen Vashti refused to come, refused the summons delivered by the eunuchs. The king lost his temper. Seething with anger over her insolence, the king called in his counselors, all experts in legal matters.
Esther 1:10‭-‬14 MSG

VASHTI knew her husband (THE KING and HER KING) was drunk, how can he call her for a show off when she was also busy with the women. But men naturally love to show off their wives especially if she’s pretty. She could have gone out first in obedience and COVERED her man’s drunken request without making him look stupid in front of strangers. She dishonored her king and the man that was drunk before got even mad with anger.

A lady reached out sometime ago on @thepropheticwoman
group about how her fiance was upset that she rebuked him publicly and I told her that if everyone is saying negative things about him, she must be able to defend him publicly and that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t correct him but In private. Men are egocentric, they love to be honored especially by their wives. Sometimes we act foolishly by exposing our husbands errors or wrongs when we should be the one to cover him.

My husband’s covering is my responsibility, he is my king and must be honored at all times. I must cover him emotionally and spiritually.

Dear Female Kingdom Warrior, as you grow in grace, in power, in influence, in finance., Don’t ever forget your King is to be honored at all times. Whatever height you might get to.,he is still your head. The moment the neck begins to disobey the head, death is imminent. Learn from VASHTI.

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