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Everything That Has Life Can Grow – Pastor Femi Lazarus

Everything That Has Life Can Grow – Pastor Femi Lazarus

The help you are looking for is not about to come from above, God already gave you all that partains to life and godliness. As you continue growing in God, many things will break open.

When God told me to leave ile ife for ibadan, it was at a point that our ministry was just breaking open in the city, with 3 branches opened within a year.

I remember begging to rent two shops we could join together for services, moving from one location to another in search of venue. One day someone pointed at our current location and said you can get this place, I looked at him and laughed in disbelief. You want a man who is trying to have faith for shops he could use for services to get a property that is seated on an acre of land in the heart of the city!
God is committed to doing his own part once we are committed to doing ours.

One principle is very clear in my heart and nothing can take it from me. I genuinely celebrate everyone that God is doing something in their lives that I desire, I celebrate them publicly and secretly and treasure every opportunity to be a blessing to the.

Whatever has life can grow, everything working is connected.
Stay commented, stay committed.

We haven’t started yet, this is our throwback of tomorrow, but we must be genuinely grateful for every level of blessing and growth that God is bringing.

Don’t give up on that work, it can grow! Only let your motive be pure. The purpose of growth is not to use it as a legal tender, don’t turn stones to bread.
Be blessed!

Written by: Pastor Femi Lazarus

Adegboyega Oluwadamilare

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