Don’t go alone

Don’t go alone

Dear friend,

As you climb the ladder of greatness,you should endeavor to give attention to the place of men.

I know you always say “one with God is more than a thousand”, while that is true , it will be erroneous for you to conclude from that standpoint that you do not need any man to get to where you are going.

Don’t get me wrong , I know God is powerful and all things are possible with Him , but you must understand the sovereignty of God and the instrumentality of men.

This implies that men are the channels through which God fulfills his promises to you.

Every human being you meet has an important role to play in your life regardless of their background ,religion and personality and as such it is expected that you discern the role of each man in your life and value them.

Finally, I leave you with this statement by Oluwafemi Taiwo :

“The peak of greatness lies in interdependence , if you want to go far, don’t go alone”

I believe you were edified, I hope to write to you soon.
Your friend,

Segun Onilude.

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