Only few Christians understand the calling to which they have been called. ‘Christianity is not beans’. It is not just about going to church and weekly programme. Christianity is not an ascertainment for you because you have the Bible in your house.

The only proof that some people are Christians today is because they have the Bible not even Jesus. Hmm! Very profound.

I want to open our eyes to what exactly we have called to. You are not made for yourself. No man is made for himself. That’s why Acts 1:8 says and “…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the Earth”.

A witness is someone that serves as evidence; a sign. A witness has nothing to do for himself. He is for two entities and one, is for the person that called upon him. Two, the person that he wants to witness to.

As believers we have the loads and burdens of the territory on our shoulders. We have been called as witnesses that will provide the evidence that God exist and is true and powerful to the people of the world. So this means we must be able to host the presence of God so heavily. A witness is only a witness if he has a personal knowledge or experience of something.

That you are a Christian is bigger than doing morning devotion. Weldone to those that have started or are doing it but “Come up thither” there’s a whole lot of work to do. Don’t let us lose guard. We are watchmen of the land. We have to witness and it is our responsibility to take to the people what we ourselves have received from the Father.


That is why our evangelism is always sometimes futile. It is because we have no personal encounter and we want to take on the responsibility of witnessing. It cannot work.

So a believer starts losing guard when he does not know the place of personal encounters. When you are always seen by everyone in the public but your altar is very empty. Your secret place is calling you. You are no witness that way. Witnessing is not more about the providing the evidence that God exist it is first that you have been able to trap dimensions in God personally that you can give to the people. That’s why most people think to evangelise is just to say ‘Jesus loves you’. If you have nothing to show the people you have no voice.

If you cannot bring God on the scene nobody is ready to listen to you. Witnessing is not talking. It is proving by providing evidences.

Do not lose guard. Go back to the altar. That is the place of every believer. Revelation 5:10 says: “And you have caused them to become a Kingdom of priests for our God. And they will reign on earth”.
The way of the priest is the way of the Altar. The priest knows no other place than the Altar. That is where he raises incense to the heavens and receive encounters.

Do not leave the altar. It is the place of encounters.

[Written by: Okoko Emmanuel]


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