Dealing With Complexities Of Relationships – Pastor Femi Lazarus

Dealing With Complexities Of Relationships – Pastor Femi Lazarus



Minister: Pastor Femi Lazarus.

Excerpts from the teaching.
In any relationship, Purpose must be well defined to avoid abuse.

Knowing your purpose is not enough but walking in it.

Any relationship on which you hinge your survival, is bound to bring abuse.

Whatever hinders your exposure has limited your purpose.

Anything that threatens your doing what God has called you to do is purely an abuse.

Men who probe the submission of women before anything else are imposers.

Duties in marriage should be defined according to scriptures not according to social media.

Purpose can employ, and that’s the antidote to frivolities.

Your real beauty and handsomeness is your fleuncy in what you are called to do.

The root cause of untamed sexual appetite is exposure to pornography. Romans 1:20-24.

The issue is not what the devil distracts into (habits) but what he distracts from (purpose).

The devil holds people longer than they want to stay.

The best way to preserve your relationship is to play according to God’s rule.

The guy sleeping with you does not want his daughter to look like you. When he is satisfied, he will dump you.


Anger is an issue to deal with. Prov 19:11; Prov 16:32
Verbal abuse is when someone talks you out of your purpose.

Leave the Nabal, for there is a David waiting.

Easiest way to identify a fool is that he or she feels like talking over everything.

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There are two types of anger:
Explosion and implosion.

It’s low self esteem to keep quiet over what is paining you.

Anger is like epilepsy, it makes crowd to gather and watch the angry shamefully.

Some people are of age but children in thinking. Marriage is not a matter of how old but how mature.

*On Psychological Abuse:*

When you know he is not the one, loose him and let him go.

Prolonging your “No” as a lady does not increase your value, once you know God is saying yes, go on in faith except there are other factors of concern

Guys, there is no dignity in leading someone else’s daughter on without any plans for her

Don’t presume the definition of a relationship, ask questions.

Be ready to walk out of any relationship that devalues you, emotional attachment notwithstanding.

Refuse to be tied down with ring, make sure there are visible commitments around it.

There are quite a lot of things to put in place before you say I do. Don’t jump any of them.

Ensure you don’t hang your future on anybody.

If you don’t want your child to be like him or her, don’t make such your life partner.

As a lady, if you don’t love your biological father, know that he is not the definition of your heavenly Father.

Those who flaunt their strengths cannot help a generation, show your scars.

Any family that’s messed up is a destroyed foundation and people from there need repair.

A little resentment of a child to either of the parents is strong enough to destroy the marital destiny.


Having a good home starts by forgiving those who didn’t raise you well.

With everything you have, let your pain make you get things right.

You didn’t determine your family, never deny them.

*How to deal with the issue of no place to call home:*

1. Don’t give in to depression. Be focused on your purpose.
2. Don’t go to spend holidays in a guy’s house, stay with fellow females.

3. Learn to cope with rejection, be strong and face life as it is because heroes are made from hardships.

4. Never settle for just anything due to circumstances. Your situation does not define whom you are.

5. Don’t ever sit mourning your background, because lack of joy brings dark counsels.

6. Build a structure around your pain, often your pain is a pointer to your ministry.

7.Never feel unqualified to marry someone because of how your family looks like.

8. Never lose hope, you can still survive without faith but nobody survives without hope.

If you have a ministry of restoring hope to the hopeless, don’t throw it away. Humanity relies on hope to thrive.
If you hide the story, you have wasted the experience.

Source: Dunamis Hub


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