As Far As You Can See

As Far As You Can See

My dear friend, in this letter I will be discussing with you about the seemingly invisible matters that drives the visible things we see — they are the matters of the mind.

I have watched you put every physical efforts you know of to get your desires to reality, but all to no avail. The reason is because you are yet to acknowledge the fact that to get results , changes must first be made on the inside before you can get the result on the outside.

Though not visible to the physical , its so intriguing to know that the present realities in your life is directly proportional to the pictures in your heart. For realities in life are first picture-sized and for you to have it in your hands ,you must first have it in your heart.

This tells you that the more enlarged the pictures in your heart are, the higher the possibilities of getting your desires to manifestation. So you must make it a deliberate action to work on enlarging these pictures.

The method to enlarging these pictures can come in different forms,I will outline some of them below:

  • Exposure: Exposure is an encounter. Someone I respect so much once said : “Sometimes, the shift you need is only a change of environment (this is relative though); The things you see in that environment will enlarge your pictures”.
  • Association: Don’t walk with people that delimit you , instead meet people who exemplify the results you desire. They will make you see that what you see as a mountain can be surmounted.
  • Conversations: The way to nurture the big pictures you have is to keep it away from the birds of the sky. The way to do that is to interact with materials (audio and texts) that helps to renew your mind.
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In conclusion, the mind is a fertile garden, it grows whatever you plant on it. Make it a point to invest heavily in developing your mind and you will be happy with the changes you see on the outside.

Like I always say, to see you thrive is my earnest desire and in this letter I have discussed with you about a major element that drives other factors — if you can see it in your heart , you will have it in your hands.

I hope my letter met you well and it triggered an impetus to take action in you. Do take good care of yourself.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.


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