The great Apostle Babalola went to preach the gospel in a demonic town and he went to the king in the place to ask for land to build the church.

The king who was also a demonic person was not interested in the gospel; he also was practically a demon in his own right. He gave the man of God the forbidden bush. A bush where nobody goes.

When pregnant women die they throw them there. When people with familiar spirit die they throw them there

Nobody goes there.

Those who have ventured to go in, they did not last 24 hours there before they died. That was the place the king gave to the man of God.
Baba Babalola thanked the king profusely, while the king was just looking at him, ‘why is this one thanking us’.
And Apostle Babalola went out, took his prayer warriors and they went to the bush.

When they got there, the man of God began to pray, Some of those who were there that day with cutlass to cut the bush, they are still alive- they told us what I am telling you.

As they got there, the man of God rang his bell and with a very loud voice (because) the man had a loud voice.
In their days, there were no microphones and they addressed thousands of people

He said ‘O God arise and let your enemies in this bush be scattered’
That was all he said

Suddenly, they heard some people running and as they were running, they were colliding on each other.
They felt that people were falling and rising up inside the bush
Some were jamming themselves into the trees, they never saw anybody but they heard the sound of the scattering.

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Your prayer today shall release confusion into the camp of the enemy.

They were running helter skelter.
After some time, there was calm and he ordered them to begin to cut the bush.
As they were cutting the bush, from the mountains, they saw a mighty python crawling down.

Those cutting the grasses wanted to run away.
Baba said ‘stay there’, continue to cut your grass.
They continued to cut and the serpent came majestically, the kind of python that could swallow a human without trace.

The serpent did not go to anybody else but Apostle Babalola.
Baba watched this snake coming and was not impressed at all.

As the snake approached, he just said ‘let the fire of the God of Elijah fall upon this serpent’
It was as if electricity passed through this serpent and it just dried up.

May any serpent assigned against you dry up!
In the name of Jesus!

Source: Ndepo TV


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