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ABBA’s BABY GIRL (Episode 1) – Pastor Nifemi Olawande

ABBA’s BABY GIRL (Episode 1) – Pastor  Nifemi Olawande

I’m so excited to start this series, let’s start with definitions. I trust God to give us light and we learn from Him.

We have received the spirit of adoption to call God Abba, He is our daddy and He is a faithful daddy.
I found a definition of baby that resonates with me. Baby doesn’t always mean the person is immature, I found the word a baby means a PROJECT or RESPONSIBILITY.

Yesterday God screamed it to our ears during our Tuesday morning prayers that our worrying is too much and He is a faithful father. He is a responsible Dad and He is responsible for us.

I can boldly call myself Abba’s girl and I want you to understand as well that you’re Abba’s responsibility. He is your Daddy. So He is working round the clock to make sure you excel, to make sure you succeed, to make sure you become all He desires for you just like your earthly dad and even much more.

Baby girl, Get away with the fears, let go of your anxiety and allow the peace of God overwhelm you. That peace that you will not understand even in storms.

You’re working and serving God, He will take care of you.

I know you might be going through a lot that looks more than you can handle but God is sending you a word today that He is your Daddy and you are His responsibility..

Don’t you just want to rejoice. Common. That challenge will pass, that assignment will be done. That project will be completed. You know why? Because you are ABBA’S Baby girl. Its on Him.

Trust your Daddy. Tell Him you trust Him.



Newbirthminds is a ministry put together by the leading of the Holy Spirit, committed to raising and helping people live 24/7 for Jesus, and that these people will, in turn, lead others to do the same.

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