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– Apostle Arome Osayi at WAFBEC 2022

Father tonight we ask that you come amongst us, do Your good pleasure and make for yourself a great name in Jesus mighty name we pray.

The title of my sermon is A Parable Of Jonah. 1 Corinthians 12:1-6 If you have a healthy Bible, you will see that ‘gifts’ is in italics, the implication of that is that it is not in the original manuscript. The substance of spiritual in verse 1 is
1. Gifts (verse 4)
2. Ministries (verse 5)
3. Operations (verse 6)

The umpire for gifts happens to be the Holy Ghost, the umpire for ministries happens to be the Lord of the Harvest, who assigns labourers according to the purposes of His kingdom which is Jesus. The umpire for operations is God the Father Himself. Whereas gifts operate in ministries. Ministries operate within the Body of Christ. So the context for gifts is ministry and the context for ministry is the Body of Christ. The context for operations is territories. If you study your Bible, you will find out from verse 7-11 speaks about gifts, the reason why he did not want the Corinthian Church to be ignorant of the subject, he called “spiritual” is because of their exposure, their exposure before they came to the Lord. Church Gist. These guys were spiritual people from the dark side, they had handled what was in the demonic supernatural realm. Now that they were born again, Paul had to straighten them out. The normal Bible study outline that was used to disciple ordinary believers was not used for them. Paul had to come up with an outline that was consistent with their own case. 1 Corinthians 12:2. Idols even led them, evil spirits gave them inspiration and now they had come into the kingdom of God, Paul says “concerning spiritual you cannot be ignorant”. Because you will come into the Body of Christ and you will still be taking advantage of the dark spirits that you were exposed to and your case will be the case of a mixture.

He gave them perspective that in the divine supernatural, there are two rules you cannot avoid. The first rule is that no man operating by the Spirit can call Jesus accursed. The reason is in order for a spiritual thing to take hold, there must be a legal premise that justifies his presence, activity and operation. Church Gist. It is needful for you to understand that the death of Jesus was a legal statement in order to satisfy the claims of divine justice. To make it possible for the Holy Ghost to begin His own work of organic salvation. The work of the Holy Spirit is predicated on the legal premise that the ministry of Jesus Christ has provided.

Romans 5:10

The death of His son was able to achieve reconciliation, so the quarrel we had with God as humankind Jesus had provided a possibility of that quarrel to be satiated. Divine justice has been satisfied. The other aspect of redemption is the organic side. The life of God comes to engineer your total deliverance from the impact of the fall. The fall affected your thinking, the fall affected your body, the symptoms of the fall are still present with us. Church Gist. There is an organic potential that is trapped in the life of God that is requited to us on account of our regeneration. The protocol of grace is administered as a process to ultimately rid us of all the limitations that were compounded in the fall of man. In order for the Holy Spirit to have a legality to operate, there was a legality that had to be in place to justify and create reference for His activity.

If you find, probably in your community, the power of darkness so strong in your domain it is suggestive that there is a legal premise that provides a platform for evil spirits. This world is not built for spirits. It is built for three dimensional entities that have bodies of earth. In case a spirit has jurisdiction within this context, a man permitted that spirit to function. Prayer is earthly permission for heavenly interference. We create possibility, we create pathways for God to invade. That is what priesthood is about. So if darkness colonizes a place, there is a man that opened the door. The Holy Spirit operates on the legal premise that the ministry of Jesus created. It is a continuation of the labours of the ministry of Jesus. Anything that is operating by the Spirit of God cannot contradict the ministry of Jesus, the foundation of that possibility.

This man is trying to educate spiritual people and he feels that this education is needed because the people have a knowledge that will make them susceptible to dark forces and the deception of the kingdom of darkness. So he is providing burglaries, he is providing an armory for them in this understanding to make it possible for them to be able to understand the difference between the demonic supernatural and the divine supernatural.

The second thing, He said, is that no man can say Jesus is Lord except by the Holy Ghost. Romans 10:10. Anyone that receives regeneration must believe. It is His Lordship that you bow to, you also need to confess that He was raised from the dead. When you believe in His Lordship and his immortality, out of the fullness of His reality He will save you. He will administer cure to the death that is in your own spirit and make His own spirit to be domiciled therein. You cannot recognize the realm of God’s rule, you cannot recognize the authority that is domiciled in the throne of Jesus, it is impossible to recognize that He is Lord except the Holy Spirit gives you understanding. Church Gist. Part of the things that reveals a genuine minister of the gospel is that through his character, prayers and activities you see evidently that this one has a Lord. At any point in time, there is anything suggestive that He calls the shot, we need to take our time. Especially when he violates the laws of God and the nature of God, it is suggestive that person does not know the government of God and should not speak for God. The degree to which you are not in sync with the government of God is the degree that the devil will have access into your space.

Paul itemized three things under that broad heading ‘spiritual’, but I am going to add a few things. We have spiritual authority, spiritual experience, spiritual warfare and spiritual knowledge. The aspect that connects to the scripture God gave me is spiritual knowledge. We are dealing with a subject: The Parable of Jonah. 2 Samuel 23:14-17. David’s village was Bethlehem and it happened to be that David had to hide away from Saul who was looking for an opportunity to smite him. He had a fortress Adullam and that became his recruitment center. Previously in the book of 1 Samuel 22, you will see that people who were frustrated with the government of Saul began to join themselves to David. In my study of the Ancient Roman Empire, I realized it takes five years to train a legionnaire: someone that is good with a sword, the shield and the spear. But David was in that hold for 12 years, so the guys he was training became masters but there was no opportunity for them to test their weapon. One day David was passing by his village and the well that he drank from until he became an adult, he discovered it was now part of the domain of the garrison of the Philistines. That means there was a minimum of about 2000 soldiers there and a maximum of about 12,000 soldiers there. It was not a command he gave them. That is how Jesus is groaning in our time, that is how Jesus is groaning about the souls in your neighborhood. “Who will give me access to that strong domain”. David just expressed a desire not a command but the men wanted to prove their skill so they turned the desire of their master into a commandment.
• I pray we will have men that will convert the desire of Jesus into a commandment, into marching orders in the name of Jesus Christ.

I am wondering whether the men were on drugs because they were going to face at least 2000 soldiers. The Philistines were the ones that discovered iron so they were armed to the teeth. These guys went down, the thing about their going down was that at the time when the water will be taken from the well, there will be one man down. How did they protect the guy that had to take water? The well we are talking about is in the Middle East, in the desert. I was in Surulere, the guys that came to drill our borehole, they had to go downwards 175 feet, this is Surulere Lagos. Church Gist. Imagine a well in the Middle East, how much time it will take to draw from that well and the guys defended him. Anyone that came fell down, till the guy got the water. After the guy got the water, he could not actively participate in that warfare because he had to protect the water. That was how they came back and gave the water to David. David happens to be a disciple of Samuel, there were several prophetic things that Samuel had taught him. When they brought the water to David, he refused to drink it and poured it out as a libation. In the eyes of David, according to spiritual knowledge that water was equal to the blood of those men that went in jeopardy of their lives. If you lack spiritual knowledge you will commit blunders.

Let me give you an instance, many years ago in our Church in those days we wanted to build and as long as the building was in progress we contributed money every Sunday. We started contributing that money when I had no beard, we continued contributing until some strands came. It was still on until I married. That is the kind of offering I am talking about. Offerings gathered in #10, #20 etc. It came to pass that our Pastor now had an invitation to preach in the United States of America and there was no funding, the only form of money in the ecosystem was the building money. Our Pastor requested that the money be released and the Chairman said no, this money is not for the United States, it’s for building. He was removed from the position instantly and a chairman that was willing to disburse now released the money. True life story. Our pastor went to the U.S. the particular State withheld, our Pastor was bitten by a snake, not in Orile in the U.S. Spent all the conference time in the hospital without health insurance and the Church had to pay a price. Somehow they didn’t want to send the Pastor back home empty handed, so the Pastor came back shouted at everybody and gave the equivalent of what was taken. Church Gist. But according to the shekels of the sanctuary, what was taken is not equal to the computer equivalent of what was brought in. That was the reason why many people began to die in the congregation. I am telling you this because we were in the prayer room and we were labouring to find out what it is, we prayed, we were praying and people were dying. It took a long time before the spiritual intelligence behind the open door that Satan was exploiting was revealed. Church Gist. That particular money, the way it came determines its value in heaven. But without spiritual knowledge you will think it is the same amount that is in the Central Bank.

David poured out this water as a libation, it’s only God that can take this. If you lack spiritual knowledge, you are handicapped. There is a spiritual intelligence that will give you authority to manage a particular situation. Without that knowledge, you don’t have the corridor even if you are quoting scriptures. In view of the above, I need to show you that there are only two valid methods of accessing spiritual knowledge. I can only give you one and that is: Submitting to be dealt with by God. The product of every dealing that God gives you is spiritual knowledge. Spiritual knowledge becomes an intelligence upon which your life will rest. David decided to exempt himself from battles, he went on sabbatical and he went to the roof to chill. Who chills on the roof is what I am still trying to investigate. There were many things happening from that vintage position. He didn’t see all of that, it was a woman he saw. From the moment he had an affair with that woman, God initiated a series of dealings. What God wanted to do was to purge him of any such tendency in the future. Church Gist. By the time, he went through the process and he was restored. By the time he was old, they looked for a fair damsel and put in his duvet and he didn’t touch her. The product of being dealt with by God is an inner knowledge that will ensure your comportment. When you see a man sitting in the midst of corruption and he refuses to partake even though that opens the door of persecution on his life. That man has seen something.

If we talk about dealings, the best example in the whole Bible is Jonah. God wanted to carry a message of rebuke to a people and he knew God that if he preached the people would repent so he decided not to go. If the preacher refuses to go, the circuit will not be complete. He decided to go in a direction opposite to where God was sending Him. Meanwhile, this was a man that thought he was using his will against God. Church Gist. He ended up in the belly of a whale. When we teach about hell, we have hell the place and hell the experience. All the indicators that were in that experience that Jonah had was part of what is obtainable in hell. As God was dealing with him in that place, his strong will melted. He began to confess right there. This dealing that the man had for three days and three nights in the belly of a whale, it produced spiritual knowledge.
• May your suffering not be wasted.
• May the processes of your marginalization in the office not be wasted.

Every such situation that God allows in your life, it is because He wants you to yield and receive spiritual knowledge.

Jonah 2:8

There is an allocation of mercy for every destiny. You are the one that doesn’t know you need mercy. God is aware of your ignorance but He still allocated mercy to support your destiny. “It is not of him that willeth, it is not of him that runneth…”. Your efforts in themselves are too weak to strike any cord in eternity. “…It’s of God that showeth mercy”.

Our generation likes things that are not rooted in God, we are given to patterns and trends meanwhile the ancient ways of God cannot be edited. When you find a man that speaks for Satan, they are not in the cities, they are in the woods. If you are also going to speak for God, when your congregation buys a water bed for you, don’t sleep on it. Church Gist. Give it to your wife because you need to create that same rugged life that man that speaks for Satan creates in order for him to pick the frequencies of the devil. You will need to create the same circumstance in Lagos in order to have the kind of stature needed for God to count on you to exercise guardianship in your territory. They that observe lying vanities, the allocation of mercy that God has made available they forsake it. They live life without mercy. That’s a terrible place to be.

For 14 years, the auditorium I used to teach is a 250 member capacity building. So one of my pastors looked at me and said ” after fourteen years of ministry, this is where you are”. I started operating in the gifts of the Spirit over 22 years ago. Do you know that operating in the gift of the spirit doesn’t make ministry grow. In my own case I can tell you so. One of my pastors rose up and said I am not going anywhere, he started preaching to other pastors “do you see any future in this place, me I have made my own plans oh”. Meanwhile in the place of prayer, the Lord had picked Him. It’s a test of your meekness, whether you are not easily offended and can easily offend. Meekness is an allocation of grace that makes you not to be easily offended and not to easily offend. I knew that for 2 years and I kept loving him. Church Gist. He will go back and tell the others ” this our Senior Pastor I think he is cursed, he is powerful but nothing is happening”. The Spirit of God had already spoken to me, I was praying with my friend in Brazil and my friend picked his name and told me. I knew two years before the time because the insults on my life, I had to release him. I didn’t know God refused to build my scope because he was there. I released him and I didn’t curse him. I don’t curse because I am called to build people not called to destroy. If God wants to destroy somebody He anointed, that’s His business. The moment he left, my season changed. He left and the ones that left with him. Church Gist. They that observe lying vanities because they don’t have a tomorrow because mercy is withdrawn from them. I refuse to believe a lie, I will hold on to the allocation of mercy that God has given to build my destiny. When that mercy begins to speak, nothing can resist it, nothing can stop it.

I will not forsake my mercy because it is not of him that willeth. Without the mercy of God, my prayers will not strike a cord in the realm of the Spirit. The sons of the bond woman fast and pray but the difference is that I pray by a power that this world does not know, I fast by a power that this humanity does not know. My life is what it will become not because I went to school and studied Chemistry but because the mercy of God is on my life. So when a thousand fall by my left hand, ten thousand by my right nothing comes near me. I am a product of His mercy. There is an insurance policy that keeps me and my going out and coming in are covered.


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