A GIFT TO THE WORLD – Segun Onilude

She was a beautiful young virgin who was preparing to tie the knot to the love of her life. She became pregnant without a physical engagement with a man after a heavenly visitation, according to the words of the angel. The man she was engaged to was on the verge of divorcing her secretly when he discovered what had happened, but he had a change of mind after he had an instructive encounter with the angel.

One will begin to wonder about the peculiarity of this young child that different spectacular occurrences had to surround his conception, so much so that his birth invoked the attention of the ruler of the kingdom which led to the death of every male child around his age range. That boy child that was conceived many years ago became the solution to an eternal problem, his birth is celebrated yearly as Christmas day, the boy’s name is Jesus and the mother was Mary.
By now, you may be wondering why I have to relate to you a story that you possibly know already and may be able to communicate better, but I said all this to point out something to you. Follow me.

The circumstances that surrounded your birth may not have been as spectacular as that of Jesus, but just as it is with the event we are celebrating today, there is something so important about you and just like Him your entrance into this world was a release of a gift to the world to meet specific needs.

My dear friend , much more than His birth the reason why we can rejoice yearly on the event of Christmas was because the boy Jesus that was born , lived to fulfill that which was His assignment to the world , if not it would have been like every other normal birth and there would have been no cause to celebrate it.
So as you go forward in life, be more intentional , selfless and driven by your God-given vision and someday ,just like we are doing today and even while you’re still alive , a generation will appreciate God always and bless the day you were conceived.
Accept this as my sincere Christmas gift to you. Merry Christmas my friend.

Your friend,
Segun Onilude.

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