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7 Dangerous Reasons To Marry – Pastor Daniel Olawande

7 Dangerous Reasons To Marry – Pastor Daniel Olawande

Bae and Boo part 2

1. Don’t marry because of his or her money- It is good that your spouse can take care of you and you have a good life but do not marry ALONE because of his/her money, he/she is not your ATM MACHINE

2. Do not marry who you don’t like or attracted to and call it THE WILL OF GOD- Dont get it twisted oo, do not use will of God to scam us and say she is not attractive to you but you have to marry her because she is the will of God, THE WILL OF GOD WILL BE ATTRACTIVE TO YOU OO, IT MIGHT NOT BE TOTAL AT THE BEGINNING, BUT BEFORE YOU GO TO THE ALTAR ENSURE THE LORD DO A WORK IN YOUR HEART AND ENSURE YOU LIKE HER AND YOU ARE DYING FOR HER AS YOU SEE HER OR HIM OO

Many people will say, if it is not the will of God, I would not have married you,
Please don’t lie on the will of God oo

The will of God is good and sweet (although you might see it as you yield) it might not be physical as it were but you will see the point of attraction and that thing will be doing you giz giz
If there is no giz giz before you go to the altar, yeee you will struggle small oo

Something must attract you, something must be sweeting your heart, something must be doing you o
If you are just normal abeg pause until something is doing you before you go to the altar if not you may edure gbas gbos later oo

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3. Do not marry out of pity: Dont allow someone marry you because of emotional appeal, He won’t survive without me, she will die if I don’t marry her, please oo, If God says no, don’t be moved, pls just follow God, Don’t allow a brother use his tongues or Rhema tie you down, be led of the Spirit not of pity, Allow God guide you, know exactly what you want as revealed by the Holy Ghost.

4. Don’t marry someone who doesn’t believe in your calling or standards or spiritual tribe- My greatest blessing in life is that @nifemidolawande my babe believes in this our Fire something o, Kai she is fire herself.
When I met her, she said her passion is to set ladies on fire for God.
To be continued

I see a burning generation

Source: Dunamis Hub


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