5 Important Strategies – Pastor Femi Lazarus

5 Important Strategies – Pastor Femi Lazarus

You cannot determine all that happens around you, but you must always make sure your heart is void of any form of evil. For this to be possible you must always ask God for help and intentionally channel intercession towards every source of offenses.

If all the time people behave in a way that is not your expectation, make sure you change your expectations on time and not people.

Your spiritual growth is not negotiable, neither should it be an after thought. You are as wise as your devotion to following Jesus daily.

There are many voices but you must chose what is of significance to the light of God’s purpose for your life. While it may be difficult to to do things by pressure or it’s vices, you must make sure you do all you can to maintain listening only to voices that speaks to what you have been called to.

Do all you do because it pleases God. One significant mistake that took the kingdom from Saul was that he was more concerned about what pleases the people than what pleases God.

Note: The enemy will always center his attack towards you in the direction of your emphasis (message) it is expedient you don’t make the mistake of assuming you know all you are teaching, even in the area of your messages where you are eloquent, ask God for mercy to not fall for what you have actively condemned.

Femi Lazarus.
January 13 2021.

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