I FOUND MY WIFE FROM MATTHEW 6:33. A friend of mine said to me brother David, lets start praying for a life partner hmmm! I said that I don’t need it that mine is covered from Matthew 6:33.

Praise God! He is still alive today and we’re very good friends, mine is covered by Matthew 6:33,so I found my wife from Matthew 6:33. God added my wife to me from Matthew 6:33 and he has settled many marriages today on the platform of Matthew 6:33.

I found God’s choice on my life without prayer or fasting, Matthew 6:33 delivered my wife to me on a platter of gold, Amen? I read the book THE MAN GOD USES and I found out that life answers absolutely to the dictate of Matthew 6:33 so I plugged into it and has not stop adding colour to my life till tomorrow, I plugged in! Now I read about eight books on marriage, now I have found your choice i want the best out of it, what does it take to have a successful home? I read eight books! But i couldn’t find satisfactory answers, i find them talking about how to solve problems, is there no-problem free zone in marriage? So I began to ask the Lord, what’s your original intention instituting marriage? Light broke out! Oneday I was in a public transport I was looking for paper to script and he gave me 7 of his agenda on christain home.

Inside the vehicle I knew I was heading for a hitch-free marriage by accepting responsibility as outlined by the one who initiated it, I have never felt one-kind way home i feel good-kind each time I’m going home, I feel good-kind, I feel God-kind when I’m going home. My marriage counsellor said, David what are you looking forward to in this marriage? I said HITCH-FREE MARRIAGE, hitch-free marriage? What do you mean? I said we’ve been in courtship quiet some time and we had no issues he said David listen, when you’re far away from each other you can’t step on one another’s toes, but when you live together it’s impossible not to step on one another’s toes but we are sitting on the same coach.


I said Sir,me and you are sitting on this coach, why am I not stepping on your toes? I said two reasons, I’m not blind secondly, I’m not wicked, he said, OK! OK! When you have found it, you have found it! It takes work to find it, it takes work to engage with what you’ve found,IT TAKES WORK! IT TAKES WORK!! many keep waiting instead of working somebody has issues at home he has not read one marriage book in his life, not read one! he has never read even one and he is just crying to God, oh! God oh! God and God will say oh! Son oh! Son how long will you cry? Amen! It’s one thing to be doing something about an issue and it’s another thing to be doing the right thing! I read myself out of poverty, I consumed all the materials of Kenneth Copeland and when I wasn’t finding what I think i needed because when I find it I will know, if you’re looking for your phone and you find it won’t you know? I said Lord now I’ve got a lot of information, now show me this secret.

What is the secret of kingdom prosperity? I went for three days in a fast, there are things you can’t find except you’re in a fast when I found it i stood up and screamed Ye! I can never be poor! You see how poor I am now? Amen! It takes work to find it, it takes work to engage with it. God has never asked me of my tithe since i found it i mean I’m flying! Can I do ten churches and said I’ve done something? NEVER! No! I won’t tell you what I’m doing God has the record, praise God! He gave it to me in the first place he doesn’t need it so he can’t be eyeing what he gave to me but it takes work to find it, it takes work to engage with it .

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They are many many people who want there marriage to work but they won’t work it,he said WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION, are you doing what God said? You’re not doing it so how do you want it to work? Why are you calling me Lord! Lord! without doing what I say? Luke 6:40,it won’t work until you and I choose to do what he commands to do.


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