1. Godliness
    A real woman is a woman who has accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour and submits under His authority. A real woman is a child of God. She’s godly and righteous.

A real woman is the real slay queen, one that slays in godliness, modesty and appropriateness not the one that exposes her nakedness.

  1. Submissive
    A real woman is a submissive woman. She submits to her husband, as the Bible commanded, without compulsion. She willingly submits under the authority of her husband.

A real woman doesn’t compete for authority, leadership and rulership with her husband. He allows him to take the lead while she follows.

  1. Respectful
    A real woman is respectful. She respects her man whether or not he has money. She doesn’t disregards or disrespects her man.

A real woman doesn’t insults her man. She respects her man’s decisions, opinions and feelings.

  1. Helpful
    A real woman recognizes that her number one mission in a man’s life is to help him. A real woman is not a liability or a parasite but an asset, a helpful person. She helps her man in whatever capacity she can.
  2. Supportive
    A real woman is a supportive woman. She’s not only a consumer but a contributor. She supports her man spiritually, financially, intellectually, and otherwise.
  3. Prayerful
    A real woman is a prayer warrior. She prays for her man and family. She slays in prayer. And God answers women’s prayers more because they always pray heartfelt prayers.
  4. Love
    A real woman is a lover girl. She loves at a deeper level. Her second nature is love and affection. She showers her man with love and affection.
  5. Virtuous
    A real woman is a virtuous woman. She has a good character worth emulating. To a real woman, her character is her beauty.
  6. Faithfulness
    A real woman is a faithful woman. She doesn’t sleep around. She’s not promiscuous. She doesn’t open her legs her and there.
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She maintains and keeps herself and her marital vows. She stays faithful to one man. She doesn’t have a backup boyfriend and sugar daddy.

  1. Domesticated
    A real woman is domesticated. She knows how to run a home. She’s a home builder. She she knows how to turn a house into a living home. She knows to make everyone feel at home.

A real woman knows how to spoil her man with delicacies. She knows how to make her man and house look neat.

  1. Compassionate
    A real woman is compassionate . She cares about her man. She’s considerate. She feels the pain of her man.
  2. Industrious
    A real woman is an industrious woman. She’s hardworking. She’s not the lazy type. She doesn’t sit all day long fixing long nails, eyelashes and paints her eyes and co. She finds work for her hand.
  3. Modest
    A real woman doesn’t expose her nakedness. She doesn’t expose her breasts, nudes, hip, lap and co.

A real woman covers her body properly well. She slays in modesty, gorgeousness and awesomeness. She doesn’t have to expose anything to attract a man.

  1. Foresight
    A real woman has foresight. She doesn’t think about here and now only but also about the future. She can anticipate need and work towards solving the need.
  2. Romantic
    A real woman is a romantic babe. She doesn’t hide her feelings. She doesn’t form hard or strong woman. She plays, jokes, laughs and jolly with her man.
  3. Multiplier
    A real woman is not a squander but a multiplier. Give her sperm, she will give you a baby or babies. Give her a thousand and she can give you millions.
  4. Care Giver
    A real woman is a care giver. She cares. She is considerate and feel concern about her man.
  5. Humble
    A real woman is a humble woman. She is not prideful. She humbles herself before her man despite her qualifications, status and caliber in life.
  6. Disciplined
    A real woman is a disciplined woman. She’s financially and sexually disciplined. She can control her sexual urge and manage her finances well.
  7. Sacrifice
    A real woman is a selfless and a sacrificial woman. She inconveniences herself for the sake of her man and others. She can go hungry for others.

A real woman is of inestimable worth. Are you a real woman? Be a real woman. Do you have a real woman in your life as a man, value and cherish her.

May God make you a real woman

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