• The message of grace has gone to some dangerous extremes
  • ”You don’t have qualify for anything, it is grace.”
  • Grace enables us to obey Him.
  • Grace is not to walk anyhow and call it grace: that is disgrace.
  • You don’t fulfill the demands of ‘because’ forget about it. Grace will turn to disgrace.
  • Every act of God in our lives is always prompted by a ‘Because.’
  • When God makes you, forget about the devil.
  • No devil will have a scratch on your next lifting in life. For whatever the Lord doeth shall be forever.

We serve a Covenant Keeping God, not a Father Christmas God. There is no act of God that is not because of one act of man, in response to His instructions. Job said, “see what God has done in my life, because…”. There is always a ‘Because’. Every act of God is always prompted by a ‘Because’
Job 29:4-12
“BECAUSE I delivered the poor that cried, and the fatherless, and him that had none to help him” (Job 29:12)
Because I engaged in helping out the helpless, God lifted. ‘Because’, there is always a ‘Because’.
You are saved BECAUSE you repented. If you didn’t repent, you can’t be saved.
You prosper BECAUSE you are a giver. Not that God is looking for who will I prosper next?
You enjoy peace at home BECAUSE you walk in wisdom (Proverbs 3:170.
You are succeeding BECAUSE you are diligent (Proverbs 22:29). No slothful man is entitled to succeed.
There is always a ‘Because’. I think we can just close now. There is nothing God does that there is not a ‘Because’ of what a man has put to work. There is always a ‘Because’. You can pray till Jesus returns, you won’t know the meaning of an open heaven except you are a tither and an addicted Kingdom promoter: those are the two ways to have your heaven opened for material fortune.
‘Because’: there is always a Because.
Your prayers are not answered because you are crying and shaking and jerking: No, because you are asking according to His will and you are asking in His name and you are asking not doubting.
There is always a ‘Because’ that provokes the acts of God on your life.

Prayer: Ask God for grace to engage in the demands of ‘Because’ in this awesome revival grace. Ask God for grace to respond to the demands of ‘Because.’
Thank You Jesus.
I want to hear from You this morning, speak to me Jesus.
Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Lord Jesus, we give You thanks again and now grant grace to each of us to respond continuously to the demands of ‘because’ in provoking your acts in our lives. In Jesus precious name. Amen.

The Church of Christ needs to get to this point where we become conscious of the fact that we serve a Covenant Keeping God and not a Father Christmas God (Psalm 89:34, Jeremiah 33:20). He is a Covenant Keeping God.
Our text for our exhortation at Covenant Hour of Prayer is Matthew chapter 20 verses 3 to 10: He never dashed them a dime, “go and work and whatever you are due, you will be paid.” He went out the third hour, went out the 6th hour, went out the 9th hour, went out the 11th hour; He never dashed anyone a dime. He is a Covenant Keeping God.
“He who does not work, let him not eat”: that is the covenant (2 Thessalonians 3:10).
We serve a Covenant Keeping God not a Father Christmas God. It is our response to what He commands that provokes His acts in our favour (Zechariah 7:13). We must hearken to Him before He will hearken to us. We must hear what He says, line up with it, before we can commit His integrity to perform.
John 14:21
He is keeping my commandments, I (God) am committed to manifesting Myself to him. If he is not keeping my commandments, I (God) am not committed. I am not committed. He is keeping my commandments, I am committed, my integrity is committed to manifesting myself to him. My prayer is that this season will not pass without you experiencing the raw manifestation of the glory of God in your life, by just simply delightsomely, excitedly, cheerfully, unconditionally, unreservedly, just obey Him, just doing what He says to do, that’s what makes it work. That’s what makes it work.
For instance, He that winneth souls is wise; the wise shall inherit glory (Proverbs 11:30, Proverbs 3:35). You want to experience your inheritance of glory in redemption, then be a soul winner.
Demand for salvation of souls on the prayer altar when you are not in a position to go out: pray till you know that God has heard you.
Don’t make casual telephone calls: it’s a serious business Sir. It’s a battle against the strongman, fully armed, who is keeping his goods (Luke 11:21)
“Hello, it is me talking oh, ‘dada ni o, e pele’ (all is fine). ‘Se e ma le wa Church ni ola ba yi’ (Will you be able to come to Church tomorrow?)”
He says, “which Church?”
Somebody has prayed, “Hello, I want you to be in Church tomorrow, there is something for you.”
The difference is too clear.
You are not calling…”Pele, did you go to market yesterday. How was the market? What of your brother that went to Ghana? Has he crossed to Togo? Then can you come to Church tomorrow?”
Response: Which Church? I don’t want to be playing like you are doing.
You are praying, there is fire in your tongue…something happens. Church Gist. We are too casual about very important things, that is why nothing, most of the time, comes out of it. I have told you before, I have never and I am telling you the truth, God is here, I have never had anybody argue with me presenting the gospel.
Not that, ehnn, “who is the mother of Abraham?”: I am talking to you things that you definitely, dangerously need. I am issuing you commands from heaven.
Somebody’s story is changing. You must inherit glory this time.
-Every air of shame around anyone’s life must be laid to rest finally now.
I’ve said before, “only a serious approach guarantees a glorious result.” Some of those who fail in school, not that they don’t have intelligence, but they are not serious. They are not just serious, he is jumping the fence, he is jumping about, trying all kinds of bad things. He is never in the library, he is never opening his books, how will he pass? Get serious, life is a race, life is warfare. There is a contention over your destiny and my destiny. You must wake up and make a business out of business.
Be not slothful in business; fervent in spirit, serving the Lord – Romans 12:11
Serving the Lord is business and it demands fervency for delivery, seriousness for delivery. It demands seriousness for delivery.
Yesterday by the grace of God, we had the 7th convocation of Landmark University. Awesome time. My God. There were very demanding inputs to make it work. Nobody needs to tell me that story, I know it, I experienced it. I get a commandment from the Lord, don’t turn on the way. There is a bulldozer moment, don’t try to stand on the way. Sir, you can’t sit down there and want to get out of life more than what you are willing to put into it. No.
-But from this Season on, everything must start working together for your good because your renewed approach to every commandment of the Lord will add colour to every area of your life.
Whatever God says is set to enhance His beauty in your life and my life. God is not benefitting from any commandment He gives us, we are the only and sole beneficiaries of it. There is nothing God says to His benefit, whatever He commands is absolutely, unreservedly to our benefit.
Deuteronomy 28:1 – There is no high that He is going to. He is the Most High already. He is the One who sets people on high, so He is not going anywhere. It’s you and me that it is all about.
Deuteronomy 28:2 – all these blessings will come unto you. They are coming from Him, He doesn’t need it.
Deuteronomy 28:12 – You shall be the head and not the tail. He is already the Head, so what can He be anymore?
Everything from Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 1 to 13 is for you and for me; for your family and my family. There is nothing there for God. This will change our approach.
Now watch:
Daniel 12:3 – stop wasting your time, when God makes a star of someone, you can’t bring him down. All the hosts of hell can’t bring him down. When God makes you, no devil can unmake you. No gang-up of hell can unmake you. When God makes a man, no devil, no village witches and wizards can unmake him. No gang up of hell can unmake him. No occultic gathering can unmake him. When God makes a man, no devil can unmake him.
I have that testimony. God makes you, forget about the devil. If it is God who made you, if it is not by crooked means, if your making is by your positive response, tireless response to His commandments, forget about the devil. The devil that can’t stop the sun from shining, can’t stop God’s hand on your life. Forget it.
“You see, you see”: There is nothing to see, it is written, it is written down there.
-What I am saying is that your next lifting in life, no devil will have a scratch on it. For whatever the Lord doeth shall be forever (Ecclesiastes 3:14).


And that’s what we have gone through all the week. There is always a place for you if you choose to engage. Let’s look at this opportunity and then we close.
“Please announce in the Zone free transportation for everyone in this Zone for the next 6 weeks” (documented testimony). …God saw that he meant it. Fuel shortage came, he had the opportunity to say, “No, I think I didn’t bargain for this.” He pressed on and see the end of it. But there is someone who has not had any dream of doing anything in promoting His Kingdom, they can’t be at the same level. No. They can’t.
We were going home, many years ago, from here and I got towards the gate; I saw some buses parked, people were inside, they said, “no driver.” I said, “my driver should come down, I will drive home.” You mean people will be up in the bus, they are not going home, then I will be driving home: No. Get in there.
All those things are part of what shows the way forward in a man’s life.
There is a place for everyone to be a helper in the midst of a revival. Helper of those in need of help. Helpers to the level that God has engraced you. I met a young man yesterday at Landmark University, he is a 300 Level person, I led him to Christ in one of our outreaches and then I saw he followed us from one spot then to another. Then I took knowledge of him, then to another.
I said, “come on here, what is the matter?” He told me his story. The Lord laid on my heart, “sponsor him in school.” He is in 300 Level now.
You now ask me, “what is his name?” I don’t know but there is a lifeline that pays his fees and whatever to the School. The Chaplain had to bring him to introduce him to me, the one I brought to the school.
Wake up, there is no change of story without a ‘Because’. There is a ‘Because.’ There is always a ‘Because’ that leads to a man’s change of story. There is always a ‘Because.’
“Well, you know, by reason of reason, I can’t go out and by whatever reason, I can’t pray. I don’t know how”: but you know when it is time for food. “Is my food ready?” Then you can pray.
People on the sick bed are praying. Somebody on his feet is not praying. It’s a choice he made.


Galatians 6:2
Every seed sown into the life of the need is lending to the Lord (Proverbs 19:17).
Matthew 25: 31-40. The parable of the sheep and the goat.
Anything we do for the needy is done for the Lord and what you have done will be given back again to you. Anything.
Someone went to the hospital to follow up a new convert and then they gave him the bill. He didn’t have enough money, so he paid what he had. Somebody was overlooking from the other side, you heard the story.
He said, “excuse me, is that your mother?’
Response: No, she is my convert
“And you are paying the bill?” Yes, it’s my responsibility. So the man said, “okay, I will pay the balance.” He paid the balance and asked him, “which Church are you from?”
He said: I will be there with you next Sunday.
As soon as he (soul winner) left there, a call came, “go to so and so place…” One of his brothers called. He got there and they said, “well, we have been asked to present to you this car”, from the motor garage. Same day, a call came, “that there is a 2 bedroom flat for you. It is now yours in Abuja.” Same day! For paying less than 30,000 (Naira).
There is nothing you do to promote His Kingdom that is wasted. Church Gist. Get excited at helping the needy when you are in a position to and what you are doing is loading up your account with God.
Everybody has a place in a revival, so take your place.
Some fellows will take 3, 4 places, others won’t take no place: it’s all a matter of choice (Joshua 24:15).

Giving is one way to prove the sincerity of our love.
God so loved the world, He gave (John 3:16)
Jesus so loved the lost, He gave His own life (John 10:17-18). He gave His life to the lost. God gave His only begotten Son to the world and see how many billions of sons have been raised to glory through that one sacrifice.
Giving is an authentic biblical proof of our love for God and in a revival, all we are celebrating is people raising with a genuine heart for God, a heart panting after God and that is where you belong.
2 Corinthians 8:8
Love is not genuine, love is not real when it is not a giving love.
1 John 3:15-18
The love of God is a giving love, so when you are not in the giving business, there is no proof that you are in love with God. God’s love is a giving love
1 John 3:18 – from that illustration, He is talking about in truth and in deed, in terms of giving. In truth and in deed!

-May this season mark a permanent turning point in the lives of everyone of us.
Tomorrow is Operation Andrew Sunday, over to you, over to me: put in the best of your best spiritually. The best of your best in making fervent serious-minded calls. Stepping out to make visits where necessary and praying till they can’t resist coming, to meet with Jesus, their Saviour, their Deliverer in tomorrow’s Service.
Receive the anointing of Andrew: you may be surprised you are bringing in Apostles into the Kingdom.
Engage with all seriousness and see God return with all gloriousness to you, in the name of Jesus.

May every harvest in the last 2 weeks show up in grand style in tomorrow’s Service.
May every human instrument in this Church responsible, be openly rewarded in return.
May this revival open new chapters to everyone’s life in the name of Jesus Christ.

There is always a ‘Because’ that provokes every act of God.
Not because you are sitting down, but because you are doing what He says to do. Whatever He tells you to do (John 2:5).
There is always a ‘because’ and I can tell you this, “He is a rewarder of them that diligently, business-mindedly seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). He is a rewarder of them that fervently pursue His commandment. He is eternal Rewarder, unchangeable Rewarder, ever reliable Rewarder: that is your God, that is my God, that is the God that we serve. If it were not, imagine where your Church will be today. just take this Church as a person, not a small person (points to himself), as an entity, see God’s glory, God’s colour because we have tarried on the same thing. God and His Kingdom. In the morning, in the afternoon and in the night. God and His Kingdom.
Somebody’s story has changed.

Prayer: receive grace for sustainable fervency in serving the Lord. A never giving up approach. A serious-minded approach. Take it from the Lord right now. It’s your turn to be openly rewarded but now you have to engage diligently, serious mindedly, fervently to qualify for it.
Thank You Jesus. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

The message of grace has gone to some dangerous extremes, you don’t qualify for anything: it is grace.
Okay, tell your son that as he goes to school: You don’t have to qualify for anything, it is grace, you will make high grade if you just trust the grace of God. He will make such terrible grades that they might arrest you and your son, for the level of failure.
“You don’t have to do nothing”: Sir, if you don’t maintain your energy, you will fall down. While you are standing, you are not sick, you will just throw your body down. Grace. You will just die.
A small chill will touch you like this, you are on the floor, because you have released your energy to grace. You better wake up.
There is always a ‘because.’ You don’t fulfill the demands of ‘because’ forget about it. Grace will turn to disgrace: straight.
You don’t maintain your faith in Christ: you go off and straight flight to hell.
Watch and pray, lest you fall (Matthew 26:41)
1 Corinthians 15:58
Grace enables us to obey Him, not to walk anyhow and call it grace, that is disgrace.
Wake up!!
You can hang around Jesus for 50 years without a story to tell, yet you can be there for one month and be telling stories that have no end, of quality walk with God.


Prayer: Ask God for grace to take advantage of this revival season for a positive review of your walk with God.
Take that from Him!
Make demand for every of your contact in the last 2 weeks: Lord, I decree that all of them appear tomorrow, all my contacts, all my converts. Lord, by the convicting power of the Holy Ghost, see to it that they arrive here tomorrow, into Your presence for their own desired change of story. Lord, save the lost among them and establish in the faith those who have just given their lives to Christ.
Lord, I refuse to appear tomorrow empty. I am coming tomorrow with an explanation, I am coming with a manifestation. I am coming with a raw manifestation. I am coming with my harvest tomorrow, no going back. So help me Jesus.
Pray! Lord, I must not appear empty tomorrow. You are not a joker: you mean what you say and you say what you mean. Help me Jesus to appear with my own harvest tomorrow, at least one and let the ones that came with me last Sunday repick the call. Let everyone I pray over appear in Your presence tomorrow. Help me to open my hand wide to those who may be challenged on how to get to Church. Help me to be part of people carrying these people into your gate where they will meet, have an encounter with you.
Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.
Imagine if the crippled man was not carried to the gate, how will he have met Jesus? But they carried him daily to the gate and then that day, he met Jesus and stood on his feet and carried somebody else to the gate.
There are people you must have to carry to the gate until they encounter their change. You need to carry them to the gate till they encounter their change.
One of our sons here changed location to America and was still paying transportation here in Nigeria for his converts. My God. That brought a change to his life, now he is maintaining the change, to keep experiencing more changes. That is life.
Grace for liberality, for generosity that entitles a man to operate in the realm of fortune.
Prayer: Lord, I receive the giving grace afresh upon my life today from where I am to the level I can afford. Lord, help me to be a helper of those who need help around me, to the level that you have helped me.
It is grace, pray that prayer. You need that grace. You need the giving grace to remain a tireless giver in your pursuit in life.
The giving grace: it’s part of what takes place in a revival. They sold lands and houses so that help can be given to those who need help. You don’t have to sell anything but you need grace to be a helper so you can keep receiving help from Heaven.
Thank You Father, in Jesus precious name we have prayed.

Be blessed in return for your engagement.
-May your engagement this time lead to your supernatural advancement.
-Everyone involved at the Cell Level, helping people to locate and find a place for them in this system, may you continue to enjoy open doors in your life.
-For everyone that made their homes available for WSF location, in the name of Jesus, no door shall ever be shut against you.
-I pray Obededom order of blessing for every home in this Church where WSF is taking place. Be blessed with the blessing of heaven.
-Be blessed with enviable order of blessings.
-Be blessed with blessings that will announce themselves in the name of Jesus Christ.
-For every steward in this House, before this prophetic season is over, you are singing a new song.
-For everyone serving God at one level or another, you will lack stories to tell. You have heard the stories of others, they must hear your stories this time.
-I declare your families blessed, your children blessed, your career blessed, your trade blessed, your health blessed. So shall it be.
Give God thanks.

Don’t forget tomorrow is our Covenant Day of Fruitfulness. Everyone on the line for miracle babies should please come along with their points of contact to have an encounter with Jesus and everyone that is here, expect a turnaround in your life.




CHoP is an acronym for Covenant Hour of Prayer.



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