Spirits don’t measure realities in time they measure by life!

A man of God shared a story of how they are making an aeroplane that can move as fast as the speed of light with supersonic aircraft now they are beating it in matters of minutes. What does it suggest to you? Science is trying to beat TIME, its trying to beat space and its trying to receive the ability to utter the molecular structure of matter because they understand that the advantage the Spirit realm has over us is the absence of time, space and matter. The goal of Science is to become the God of itself and the only way it can achieve it is to beat time, space and matter that’s the advantage of the spirit realm. Science wants to become a god but it is not given to it, you and I have a free ticket in the Holyspirit to advance beyond everything time has to offer. By what technology did Enoch in the seventh generation after Adam had to travel into rapture, its a journey that science can never imagine.

A man can enter into a reality that is many dispensation away from his time of existence, it is a technology in the Holyspirit. Bible said, Enoch walked with God when you walk with God you travel faster than the fastest being and the fastest technology in time. Enoch walked with God by what means? It was Enoch that prophesied that in the era of the armageddon he said that, God will decend with ten thousand of his saints he saw what will happen when this world is rolled away, he travelled beyond space. You can come to a point where you will outsmart time, what the enemy is planning ten years ahead you’ll decode it now and you will change it you will see your children coming,you will know how many you will give birth to your children will not be candidate of cancer, you declare their destinies before they are born, you travel away from time and space, you confound the powers of matter, you can literally change the molecular structure of things it is by alignment with the Holyspirit. These matters are deeper than doctrine you can know all the doctrines but you be as weak and you be a puppet in the hands of the devil, they are not matters of doctrine they are realities if everyone will synchronise with the Holyspirit I assure you its enough. The reason we hear all the teachings but nothing changes is because there is no commitment to the Holyghost, Spirit begins to work from where you make commitments. It is your commitment that open the door to walk in the Spirit consciously in your heart make a decision, make a decision! And you will save yourself from the plague of mortality. People try to read a course that is more advantageous then they kill themselves to read that course parents try to model their children by bringing home teachers and all sorts forcing them into what they want because all their calculations is in the natural men keep bribes to go into church that has nothing to do with their ordination we don’t seek jobs, we are sent into all the worlds if you find him in the army, he was sent there to create a dimension they don’t look for jobs because we are not sustained by mortal men, we are not sustained by the wisdom of man, we are sustained by the powers that hold all things together. Did you not hear when he said, cast thy bread upon the waters and you’ll find it after many days, let me tell you what he said, God gives you seed to sow bread is what you should eat but there is a place you come in trust where you can cast what he even gave you to eat he said you don’t know the evil that will come upon the earth he said give a portion to seven give a portion to eight WHY? Even if the whole earth were to melt you will survive because you’re powered by force that is deeper than everything in time. How can a believer try this and that? It shows that you don’t hear from God when you begin to hear you will be shown into your inheritance. Sons don’t wander they walk in pursuit of inheritance when Abraham left his family and kindred he was not going to look for green pastures he was in search of inheritance.


The Bible said that he was looking for a city whose foundations is God that’s what drives us around. Not relocating to Abuja because of its federal territory,you’re going there because there is a window you have to open so that the dimension in God can begin to find expression how you will survive is not part of the question that is for God to answer and you have journeyed with him in trust to a level where you can trust him that’s why elijah can come into the territory and say before God whom I stand there shall be no rain and as he left his spirit guided his step into a Brook he sat there the ravens came to give him bread in the morning and the evening. Scientific research shows that the most stingy kinds of bird are ravens.

When the water dried up he said,arise! go to zarephath i have prepared a widow to feed you some of you are here wasting all your time trying to do all the arrangements on how you’ll get a job with chevron. You are far from the Spirit! You are far!! Pastors even advice people to help themselves you hear words like “heaven helps those who help themselves” have you utilise all the wisdom in scriptures?its a pity! Ask the Lord to help you make conscious decisions. When I began to grow in God I realised that every man has a message locked up in his spirit we are not called to preach all the Bible everybody has a dimension of Jesus as a message locked up in his spirit when the Holyspirit begins to open you up the passages of scriptures will help you give expression to those messages and that’s why God will send you to definite strategic tiphole and places where your message could be relevant those will be the things that will inspire your sojournening on the earth. Can you ask the Lord consciously? Some of us has gone for meetings,many meetings i tell you until we discover that every other thing will begin to make sense when we have apprehended the Holyspirit until you come to a point where you choose the Holyghost nothing will make meaning. I went to Randy Clarks meeting in lagos i knelt before him he laid hands on me he said,you will walk in the glory realm. I have ministered in places where white clouds came into the building and people began to scream he said you will walk in the realms of glory but all those things never came to pass until I choosed the Holyspirit,sometimes when I’m tired and sleepy he comes and beckons on me to pray and I pray for three hours and don’t sense anything because he’s not coming to wake you to sense something that time when you’re praying maybe you’re giving vocabulary to a life somewhere,armed robbers may have invaded a house they are about to rape some virgins he woke you up so that you can shut that protocol.


That time you’re praying enchantments are going on so that demons can be voked into territories so that time you stood up,you stood up as a custodian you’re shutting down the gates of darkness. It’s not about feeling they are tangible economies in God,legislative policies in the spirit. These are deep things! That is why i told you that Spirit don’t measure realities in time they measure by life! You say you’re thirty years in the Lord they don’t know that. What measure of life have you given expression to? These are the economies that spirit judge realities by.

Can your ask the Lord that you’re committed. I stood before Benny Hinn he released the anointing upon me and nothing manifested in my life! I saw nothing! And other men of God! They all imparted on me! I have pursued the anointing But it dawned on me that even if they poured a drum of oil on you,if you don’t choose the Holyghost and walk with him all of them will be seeds and potentials,they will NEVER come to pass! All you do will NOT translate to anything except you submit your “will” to the Holyghost that’s when walk with God moves from emotions into a conscious reality.

Everything they taught you in church is how to follow the leading,that’s a LIE! it won’t lead you anywhere! You may fall under the atmosphere and enjoy the euphoria you’ll go back and be NOTHING! just like Judas lived with Jesus all his life but he ended up as the son of petition to mean NOTHING! if your “will” is not submitted to the “will” of the Holyspirit you will be nothing! Jesus showed us the protocol he said it is written, “i come to do thy WILL” when he came to gethsemane it became too heavy but he fell upon his knees and said “not my WILL but thy WILL” that’s the gateway to reality,that’s the gate into power,that’s the gate into relevance. You may do everything that there is to do in the body of christ if you’re disaligned you will be nowhere. The mighty men in God are not men of talk or activity they are men of alignment,they are men of obedience,they are men of faith!!





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