1) You are God Fearing

I’m not talking about going to church here, I mean the “run from sin even when no one is watching’ kind of God fearing….

The “what will Jesus do?” kind of God fearing

When you are God fearing, and are led by the spirit of God, you have conquered 60% of the problems that break marriages.

2) You are HONEST, TRUTHFUL and a person of INTEGRITY.

If you tell lies to cover up your sins or to manipulate your spouse, you have opened up your relationship/marriage to problems, BECAUSE the truth always finds a way out, and anything (institution, reputation etc) built on LIES has an EXPIRY DATE.

If you always say what you mean and mean what you say, keep your words and promises, and do not promise above your capacity.
Your marriage will be full of TRUST.

3) You Forgive EASILY

If you are someone who finds it easy to forgive people and let go of offences, your marriage is already blessed in advance.

But if your own is to carry grudges like a Tortoise carrying its shell, e go hard oh. I kid you not, because offenses are bound to happen in marriage, how you go com do?

You see this one, it’s sacrosanct.

This is a sign of HUMILITY.

If you are someone who listens to the advice and opinions of others, you are open to criticism, you like to be corrected, and you adjust accordingly, Hear Me, you are doing well, and your marriage will do well.

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Your partner will be blessed to have you as their life partner.

Your kids will be blessed to have you as a Parent

You will be a prayer partner to your spouse, not their prayer point.

But if you don’t use to hear word, you don’t listen to people, you are always right, you don’t take correction, my only prayer is that you change soon, otherwise, may God protect his children from you.

5) You know how to put the need of others above yours.

Marriage is a place no one must go to with selfish ambitions.

Selfish People don’t make good partners, only selfless ones do.

When you know how to love sacrificially, with your time, money, and all, how to love when it is and when it is not convenient, you are there already…
Your partner will enjoy you like ice cream.

6) You have good financial habit.

You know how to make money, save, and invest, in fact, may you marry somebody closely related to me in Jesus name.

But if your habit is to gamble, spend extravagantly, blow money away at parties, on shopping sprees, buy on debts, the person you will marry better come to the marriage with plenty money, plenty patience and plenty panadol.

7) You know how to say I AM SORRY.

Those three words when properly said can prevent many arguments from ever happening, and can end many disagreements in seconds…

A Person who has a problem saying those 3 words will give their partner many a headache, and heartache.


8) You marry someone who has this same qualities.

If you have all the attributes needed to have a successful marriage, but marry an unprepared and uninterested fellow, what will happen, hehehehe, what will happen, it wee shock you.

It takes 2 to tangle.

Be Mr/Mrs Right.
Marry Mr/Mrs Right.

Source: Ndepo TV



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