What Shall It Profit A Man If He Gain The Whole World And Loses His Soul? – Apostle Johnson Suleman

What Shall It Profit A Man If He Gain The Whole World And Loses His Soul? – Apostle Johnson Suleman

You can not do what others are doing! You can’t act like them. A life where people only applaud those who they feel has things and without asking how they got the things they got. A world where people don’t ask for the process. All they are interested in, is result. When they tell people, ‘the end justify the means’ not knowing the ‘means justify the end’.

How many sins are you going to commit to survive? A world where friends will begin to insult you, that ‘you are stupid’ because you refuse to do what they are doing, forgetting that many have done what they are doing and they are dead. Sometimes, you will think you are the only one who have refused to compromise, not knowing that they are many ….

“God said to Elijah; there are seven thousands who have not bow down their kneel to baal”

But the problem is that, those seven thousands refused to identify publicly.

Who is a Christian?

A Christian is one who sees an opportunity to disobey God and says ‘No’. When you fall for everything, it means you are not standing for anything.

There’s something, I’ve found out…. You may have all you want in life and you feel you are doing well and yet, you are disobeying God in certain area of your life. Let me tell you what God told me, He said; son, there is a dimension of security(not money, not fame, not anointing) a man can never enjoy except he is Holy. Security from sickness, from affliction, from attack.


At the end if the day, what you stand to gain by following Him, is more than any gain you can get from any man.
What is money?
What is car?
What is building? We met it and would leave it. What have you refused because of Jesus? The life we live now is nothing compare to the length of life we would live after now. The life after now is called eternity!

No matter how much you have, you would leave them behind. The more property you acquire, the more things you would leave behind when you die. A wise man acquire less, spends more on the kingdom of God and on the poor. What shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world and loses his soul? To be a true Christian is expensive. It doesn’t cost money, time, fame, degree, education, friendship. it cost everything! Focus in what God has given you while you’re expecting what He promise you.

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