How We Ignorantly Destroys Our Marital Home – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

How We Ignorantly Destroys Our Marital Home – Rev. Funke Felix-Adejumo

Many of you, even though your husband’s are physically alive, some of you have killed them with the way you speak to them. You disrespect your husband in such a way that the man has forgotten his first name.

You talk to him anyhow because you think, you are a bit better off.. please do not have African and American marriage, have biblical marriage.

Honour your husband.. He may be as short as a bottle, you saw him like that before you married him. Do not marry a man you can not respect. The greatest need of a man is not sex, if he’s not born again, he can get it from any idiot. The greatest need of a man is not food, he can get it from any restaurant. One of the greatest need of a man is RESPECT, particularly public respect. Respect your husband and speak kindly to him.

Treat your husband with dignity..
Can you make your marriage be exciting..?
Can you stop disgracing him in the presence of the children..?
Can you stop repeating the mistakes that your mother made..?
If you treat your husband like a king, he will treat you like a queen.

There is no man that you will honour that will not honour you..

Can the husband please, start treating their wives the way the Bible encourages us to treats our wives..

If your Christianity does not work at home, don’t export it..

You are so lost in the work of the ministry, so lost in your business.. your wife just returned from the saloon, you can not even look up to admire her..

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Many people are lost in church,
Lost in their businesses,
They do alot of things but they are failure in their marriages.

Many things kills husband, many things kills wife..

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