FLEE IMMORALITY – BeGreat Devotional – May 17

FLEE IMMORALITY – BeGreat Devotional – May 17

Scripture Reference“Confine yourself to your own wife. Let your children be for you alone, and not the children of strangers with you” Proverbs 5:17 AMP

Adultery is fatal. It is a deadly sin of which Solomon spoke; it “reduces a man to a loaf of bread”. Without mincing words, adultery or fornication does not promote, it reduces and demotes a person. Joseph fled fornication. He had a grand opportunity ‘to sin with Potiphar’s wife. This was a fatal situation, considering the fact that it was the woman initiating the deal. It could have been covered and maybe Joseph would have kept his job but he would never have left his job to become the Prime Minister of Egypt.

Pastor George Brantley said, “If you don’t have integrity, you don’t have anything”, and integrity as defined by Macaulay is “who a man is when nobody is watching”. The real question should be; ‘are we sure nobody is watching?’ I came to a conclusion that integrity is who you are when only God is watching. He is the most important spectator for our promotion is in His mighty hands. Joseph understood this phenomenon.

The fear of God is to depart from evil. The only excuse Joseph gave Potiphar’s wife was, “How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against God” Richard Exley in his book, ‘A man of character in a world of compromise’, gave practical steps we can use to flee adultery and fornication. No matter what the secular system says, when we violate God’s supernatural laws, we set ourselves against His blessings.


Daily digest: Yes God will forgive our sins, but how much better to allow him to deliver us from temptation before we sin – Richard Exley

PrayerLord, reveal the motives of my heart. Let me come to terms with my weakness. Help me. Keep me from evil that it may not grieve me. Plant your fear in my heart by your Spirit. Deliver me from temptation. Thank you for your saving grace. I know I am free in Jesus precious name, Amen.

BeGreat Devotional – May 17



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