Some People Want To Leave Everything Up To God – Kenneth E. Hagin

Some People Want To Leave Everything Up To God – Kenneth E. Hagin

A woman in one of my services was lingering around the altar one time, and she had her head down, praying. (…) She lifted her head and literally screamed, “TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME, LORD!” (…)

I said, “Sister, open your eyes and look up here. I can help you. Now what is it you’re trying to get Jesus to do?” I repeated. “What is it you don’t want?”

She said, “That ol’ snuff.” (Smokeless chewing tobacco).

I asked her, “What in the world would the Lord want with it? He doesn’t dip snuff.”

“TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME,” she screamed again.

“No,” I told her, “He’s not going to take it. He doesn’t want it. He said for you to cut it off. And, yes, that’s going to hurt.”

“I repeated, “You’re going to have to do something. If you’ll do something about it, He will help you.”

Most people want Him to help them first. I realize some people’s experience with God is such that they are changed greatly, their inward nature dominates their outward nature, and these things fall off. But with some it doesn’t work that way — they have more of a struggle.

This poor woman got up from the altar and left. On her way out she reached down at the foot of the pew where she’d been sitting and picked up a handkerchief. When she did, the handkerchief fell off her purse and I could see a snuff can. She went down the aisle saying, “I couldn’t give up good ol’ snuff!”
Excerpt From the booklet “Walking in the Spirit” by Kenneth E. Hagin.

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Snuff: smokeless chewing tobacco.

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