-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

*We built our Grass Cathedral (the largest in the world) in one week with 23,000 Naira
*Many are at the same spot because they are never appreciative.
*The more praise-less you are, the farther God is from you and the more blinded you become.
*Dance around any concern around your life and God will translate them to beauty.
*Dr Kenneth Copeland is around and will be with us at the Prophetic Feast tomorrow evening.
*There is no Covenant Hour of Prayer tomorrow.

Thanksgiving is a mystery that moves God to do greater things. Like we were told, they were all cleansed, when he returned with a loud voice to glorify God, giving Him thanks, then a greater thing happened (Luke 17:15-19). All the clipped fingers were released, the contours on his face, smooth out. The only one way to move God to do the next thing in your life is to give thanks for what He has done. Everything we are celebrating now is the hand of God. There is nothing that would not have happened if I were not here because the One at work is always there. He can’t find a human being, He (God) will use an Ass. The One behind the happening is always there and so we owe Him all the praise.
I’ve not suffered one sleepless night in 40 years because of Ministry, but He neither sleeps nor slumbers to keep things going. There is no one man who does not sleep nor slumber but our God never sleeps nor slumbers to keep His agenda running so He can run it through anyone, through anybody. It is simply our privilege to be an instrument in His hand. He is the very One at work. Have you not heard, “faithful is He that calls you, who also will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24). He calls you to do what He will do so that when He does it, you will return the glory back to Him or He will withdraw His hand and you will start doing emptiness, things that don’t work. It happens in Ministry, it happens to individuals.
-May you be ever grateful for where you are so He can take you to where He wants you to go next.
And so shall it be.
That’s enough for anybody to go home now. If you won’t thank Him for where you are, you are not going to change position, you will be at the same spot. Those folks were only cleansed, there is no record anywhere that they were made whole. They were still like that.
“I will give Him thanks when I am whole”
You can’t be whole until you give Him thanks.
Just like going to get a visa, before you get to the airport: is that how to get a visa? You are leaving your country and then you need to get a visa before you get out of the airport or before you are ever allowed to board a plane. You say, “when I get there, I will get it.” You won’t leave that station, you won’t leave that airport.

Father, speak to us this morning in the name of Jesus Christ.

Except the Lord builds a house, they labour in vain that build it (Psalm 127:1). We acknowledge our God, the Builder of this house, the Gatherer of His people and the Feeder of His flock.
Acts 10:38
We have seen just Your Hand and Your Hand alone, accept our thanks this morning in the name of Jesus. For it is not of him, we are told, that wills nor of him that runs but of God that shows mercy (Romans 9:16). God has kept showing us mercy and favour the past 40 years.
No sweat, no struggle, God at work!
He sends the Word, He confirms the Word: what have we done? Nothing.
Again, to Him be all the glory.
Psalm 47:6-7
“Sing ye praises with understanding”: Not singing for entertainment.

Sing ye praises with understanding (Psalm 47:7)

Praise among others, is a mystery behind the beautification of the saints
Psalm 149:1-4
For the Lord takes pleasure in His praising people and He will beautify them in return for their high praises. So our beauty is in return for our praise.
-So whatever appears ugly around anyone’s life, whatever makes people ask, “where is your God?”, this day of jumping and leaping before the Lord brings an end to it all.
-Nobody should ask anything from God today: just thank Him, praise Him. Dance your private dance in your house. Church Gist. Dance your private dance in your room. Dance around any concern around your life and God will translate them to beauty.
He will beautify His praising people, He will make known the beauty of salvation in their lives as they praise Him (Psalm 149:4).

Praise is a mystery that silences our enemy (Psalm 8:2). Jesus referenced that in Matthew chapter 21 verse 16 “out of the mouth of babes and sucklings, thou have perfected praise.” He perfects.
Perfect praise silences the enemy (Matthew 21:16). Perfect praise or high praise or praising God in the dance silences the enemy.
-So I see all the enemies of your soul silenced today.
This thanksgiving must not end here, it must follow you to your bedroom. There must be some dancing today in your house and via that mystery, my God who has been silencing our enemies as a Commission for 40 years; I mean you ask the enemy, “how much devastation they have suffered by making attempts on this Commission!” We will get it in heaven, details of it, we can’t know it now. He won’t let us know it.
As they began to sing and to praise, God showed up and He turned the enemies against themselves and not one of them escaped (2 Chronicles 20:22). That’s the mystery: it is a medium for silencing your enemies. It is a medium, sir if you hear noise, just turn on praise music and start dancing, he will flee. The devil can’t survive a praise environment. No. He (devil) lives in the region of weeping and gnashing of teeth. So when you engage in high praises, you clear your environment of interferences.
Somebody came to me 1983, he said, “he was hearing noise in his house.”
I said: you are too quiet. That’s why. I mean nature abhors vacuum. Just say, “Praise the Lord. Hallelujah, thank You Jesus.” You can’t do that for 2 days, you won’t hear no voice again.
He went and all the voices left.
You are too quiet. Every time you get cold, you are inviting the devil, “come over.” You are saying, “God leave me alone”, because God can’t survive a murmuring, complaining environment.
You don’t know how much damage you have done to your life by “I am just saying my mind.” Your mind can kill you.
Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say what Rejoice (Philippians 4:4).
Now you (Bishop David Abioye) were in the Power House from the beginning: no instrument, no nothing but when we praise God, we sweat and prophecies flows. Prophetic Words that has no match. In one of those meetings, we saw this building: we were 68 people in that meeting. I saw a building of 50,000 seats.
Thou will show me the path of life for in thy presence… (Psalm 16:11)
What God does is you bring His presence in praise: that beautifies your life, silences your enemies and shows the path of life, the way forward.
You don’t know how much damage you have done to yourself sir, by grievous complains:
“Can you imagine, where I am? All my mates!”
Many of your mates are in the grave. What are you hanging around here for?
Some are in Psychiatric homes now: they were smarter than you when you were in school.
All those things are poisonous to your life.
Sir, I have been smiling like this ohhh 40 years, you (Bishop David Abioye) should be a witness.
No one has ever asked me once, “is anything wrong?”
-From today, you will not give place to the devil around your life.
You want to see the way forward, bring down His presence and God inhabits only the praises of His people (Psalm 16:11, Psalm 22:3).
The more praise-less you are, the farther God is from you and the more blinded you become, can’t tell what will happen next.
Somebody’s story is changing.
We owe God thanks for our benefits.
Neither murmur ye as some of them also murmured and were destroyed of the destroyer (1 Corinthians 10:10).
Murmuring destroys and thanksgiving beautifies: make your choice.
Murmuring creates room for the destroyer and high praise silences your enemy and destroys their hold: make your choice.
Murmuring blinds your eye to the glory that awaits; thanksgiving and praise opens up the future as He shows you the light of life: make your choice.


This has been our story by grace.

I thought the Lord wanted me out in America so I could train up and be equipped for Ministry; then He (God) said, “My son, the things you seek does not come from abroad but from above. You are going to no America.”
Thank God I didn’t go. There was nothing hindering the movement.

I thought and I was sincere that we were going to Jos; then the path of life came up:
It was not Me you heard about going to Jos. You heard yourself. Remember when you were playing table tennis along Gentile area in Jos, 1974, you desired in your heart, you know God knows our heart, ‘that if you have a choice as to where to stay in future, that would be your choice.’ I never thought of that Sir, I just thought that God is saying, “we should go to Jos.”
“Thou will show me the path of life” – Psalm 16:11
You can’t see that murmuring, you can’t see that complaining, you can’t see that being bitter and reacting.
There is not one thing Jesus showed me that has not come to pass. Church Gist. Some grievous corrections at the last minute. Some sharp rebuke. All this chocolate Ministry, that is not Ministry Sir.
Many just assume that God said, when you didn’t hear nothing.
Somebody’s story is changing.
I didn’t come to Ministry to take one thing, I came to give everything. Everything I had was my life.
One thing I am believing God for you today is your total deliverance from the siege of murmuring and complaining. If that clears off your life, your life will take on a new meaning. Your life will take on a new meaning.
That’s just a bit of why we must continue to give Him praise for His faithfulness in our lives and His faithfulness in this Commission.

One mocker was saying to one of her friends, who was in one of our meetings when we were doing our wild praise with palm fronds and she said, “I saw you in that video, you were all jumping like antelopes.”
I said: That is how we jump levels! Can’t you see us jumping levels.
He sets records with us and breaks the same records with us. Awesome God. You can’t beat Him, like we are all aware.

  1. We give thanks to preserve God’s blessings. Any blessing you don’t appreciate God for, you lose it (Malachi 2:1-2). It has to come from the heart or the blessing will be turned to a curse. There are many people who saw some miracles in their lives before and you can’t find them anymore. It’s a gross reversal and they have not found out ‘why?’
    The Holy Ghost is saying the reason is you did not lay it to heart to give glory to Him so the blessing is turned to a curse. God forbid.
    -No blessing of God in your life will be turned to a curse.

Why do we give thanks?
To perfect our blessings. God deals with us in stages. He first cleansed before He made whole. For you to experience wholeness, you must return with a loud voice, glorifying Him. Then your healing is upgraded to health and wholeness! That man went to give glory to God with his hands still clipped; after he gave glory: wow, his beauty came alive.
-Many, many people’s beauty will fully come alive as a result of the encounter of today.

He perfects our blessing.

When we were once under a batcher, a grass cathedral and we were too excited…all the time, I would say, “this is the largest grass cathedral in the world, if you see any other one bigger than this let me know. Come on, give the Lord a big hand for this grass cathedral.” We were not mocking God, we were celebrating God. That cathedral was built in one week. I said, “come next Sunday, you will not be under the sun.”
Somebody came from one Ministry, he said, “Haah, this Pastor can lie.” So the following Sunday, he came to see the lie. When he looked, he saw the grass cathedral. One week! It costed 23,000 (Naira). It is a whole cathedral, the floor was not paved but when you see us dancing, the dust dancing with us, we were having great time. Everybody’s head covered with dust to show that God is going to turn us to old people, very good old age, you will have grey hair. We just made a celebration out of every act of God and suddenly they say, “the largest Church auditorium in the world.” It was the largest grass cathedral in the world. We were excited when we were on top.
The reason why many are just at the same spot, they are never appreciative.
“Lord, you bring one whole person into this Church today: Thank You. for no one can come except you draw him (John 6:44).” So you went to draw him from town and organized to bring this one person today, we celebrate you. See where that madness has brought us.
-God is out to change your story.
If you give Him thanks intensely for your one room, it will soon become two.
When you celebrate Him for your 2 rooms, that you are not under the bridge…He (God) says, “see how he is thanking Me, He gives you a flat.”
Oh My God: ‘Se e mi lo re Oluwa’ (am I the one Lord). He (God) says, “see how he is singing ooo for a flat. Okay, have a mansion.”
Then you start rolling on the floor, He (God) says, “have an Estate.”
-God will not stop changing your position as you keep acknowledging Him day in day out from the heart.
Not that “Papa said we should praise Him (God)”: Lord, I praise You oooo. I praise You, You know what I mean. You (God) too decide what I am saying You qualify for it but I praise You because they said we should praise You today, we shouldn’t ask anything, so I praise You oooo. I praise You. I don’t know where You are but I praise You. Amen.
From the heart: that’s where God is watching. He is watching your heart to determine the happenings in your life. From the heart, giving glory to God. Give the Lord a big hand of praise.


How many are appreciative of where grace has brought them today? One more time, give the Lord the biggest clap of praise.
Now let’s run through some few specifics:

  1. For the validations of the Liberation Mandate and the re-validations over and again with signs, wonders and diverse miracles with number.
    Acts 2:22
    God validates His agenda with miracles, signs and wonders to prove that He is the One that orchestrated the agenda. He is the One for faithful is He that calleth you who also will do it and God does only wonders (1 Thessalonians 5:24). God does not do ordinary things, He does wonders (Exodus 15:11). God does not do ordinary things, He does wonderful things, marvellous things. This is the doing of the Lord and it is always marvellous (Psalm 118:23). God is too big to do ordinary things. He is our Extra-ordinary Father, He does only extra-ordinary things. Thank You Jesus.
    -From Today, wonders will not cease in your life and it shall be wonders without number forever.

That was delivered May 2nd 1981 and it is as real and much more today than it was then. To Him be all the glory.
Ever increasing global impact (Deuteronomy 2:36). Across the Middle East today, there are multitudes hooked on to this Service, who are nationals not strangers, who are carrying miracle babies in their hands by the power of God. Hebrews 11:33
The impact has been very humbling, there is no way a man can organize that, there is no way a team of people can organize that. They are all orchestrated by God. Our regular Services attract between 140 and 150 Nations every time we meet. Real time! By the power of God. Shiloh has gone as far as 177 Nations of people connected to these Services. To God be all the glory.

What about supernatural supplies? Our Commission is a raw demonstration of Jehovah Jireh at work.
Luke 22:35
-Watch: for 40 years, we have never needed to visit any man under Heaven for any form of help for the Ministry or my person. Not once in 40 years. A validation of our eternal source of supplies.
We have never lacked, yet we have never begged. We have never borrowed. We have never taken an upfront facility from any bank in the world. Jehovah Jireh is real!!
-Now in the course of this Prophetic Week, my God will destroy every burden of indebtedness in your life.
If all that we see by His hand today, we see them without begging, without borrowing, without pinching under somebody, without somebody being in power. Church Gist. They have been in power and out of power, we are still there. My God, that’s who You are: Way Maker, Miracle Worker. My God, light in the darkness. My God, that’s who You are.
He (God) told me, “thou shall not borrow” – October 4 1981.
I said: Why Lord?
A borrower is servant to the lender (Proverbs 22:7).
I said: But I don’t understand to You.
You cannot serve 2 masters (Matthew 6:24). You have to choose one and despise the other. I said, “now I despise the lender, I celebrate the Provider and made a vow never to borrow, before the Lord.”
There is nobody we are going to pay a dime tomorrow.

Abraham didn’t borrow before he became a symbol of generational blessing, you don’t have to. There is no account that Job borrowed, he became the greatest businessman of his days, you don’t have to borrow. There are those in this Ministry today who believe this raw, uncivilized directive and are making waves without human hand.
Somebody’s story is changing.
-You are on board this flight, whatever is served is your right. Therefore, the yoke of indebtedness is destroyed in your life.
Just walk in the covenant and you are in command of heavenly supplies. Just keep walking steadily, consistently, excitedly, delightsomely and then you are in command of heaven’s supplies.


What of Peace and Serenity?
At 20, we were at peace. At 100 membership, we were at peace. At 1000, the peace multiplied. Human problems don’t exist where God resides.
Two of my longest standing people are here, Bishop Aremu and Bishop Abioye: we have never had a council meeting once, to find out how to solve a problem. We are just programming for progress at all times.
“That look at one problem we saw…so please”: It is solved right there before it lands. There is no pressure of any kind. He said, “my peace I give unto you. It is not the kind of peace they have in the world that is temporal, my permanent, eternal peace” (John 14:27).
You know why? The Prince of Peace resides in our midst (Isaiah 9:6). Church Gist. Every storm calms on their own, without attention. God is awesome.
Then from one Church: peace; 5 Churches: peace; 20 Churches: peace; 10,000 Churches, peace multiplied…peace on the increase. What kind of human beings are these? No we are not, you better find out who resides in our midst, His name is Jesus, the Prince of Peace. Give the Lord praise.

Thank You Jesus; you know the source of peace? He said, “grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of God” (2 Peter 1:2). The more you increase in the knowledge of the truth, the more peaceful, life becomes.
Psalm 119:165, 2 Peter 1:2
Awesome God. Because of the Word that keeps growing as He sends it, His peace keeps multiplying in our midst. Praise God.
Every member of this Church is a student of the Word. Everybody takes notes as if they are going to write exams tomorrow.
As the Word increases, the peace of God multiplies.
Can I hear your Amen?
We can’t thank Him enough.
Give the Lord another huge clap of praise.

It is our important for me to mention that we owe God thanks for fulfilment of prophecy.
Can I tell you why? No man or group of people have capacity to bring God’s agenda to pass. Whatever He speaks with His mouth, only His hand has capacity to deliver.
For fulfilment of prophecies, Jesus, we say thank You.
Watch, God called this Ministry a generational Ministry at the inception: “the destiny of this age has been committed into your hands.”
Who are these boys? You? Destiny of the age? ‘Won ti e gbon, won mo ti oun se won’ (They are not even smart, they don’t know what is happening to them).
The destiny of this age: that is simply saying a Generational Ministry in prophecy.
Now from this forest, you are reaching 177 Nations at the same time: the destiny of this age.
You will be speaking from one spot and it will be seen on the screen across the Nations of the earth: there was no internet technology then.
What are they talking about? I think the man is just mad. Let’s be praying for him.
Some were praying for me. I was only given access to heaven’s agenda. I can’t imagine it happening but that was what He said. Is it not happening today?
We had only one Volkswagen Beetle in that meeting, when God said or showed me: I saw wings flying.
I said: what about that?
He (God) said: Those are aircrafts and with you inside.
Hehnn and I told them exactly, “God showed me wings flying and I said what are these? He said these are aircrafts.”
When the scribe was writing it, he said “aircraft”. I said, “No, He (God) said ‘CRAFTS’, put ‘s’.”
You can’t buy one, so why are you sympathising with God. He said, “aircrafts”, put ‘s’.
Are they not there today?
Every prophetic Word requires the hand of God for delivery.
-You won’t miss that anymore.

Can you fake this Building (Faith Tabernacle)?
Even if you have the money, do you have the speed? Now the money is not there physically and the speed is unimaginable naturally, yet He did it.
Yet, He did it.
-Every Prophetic Word that has gone in your direction for the year shall be delivered like a dream of the night.
For blessed is she that believeth for there shall be a performance of those things that were told her from the Lord (Luke 1:45).
A virgin shall conceive! What! Did she conceive or not?
Became the greatest mother of all time. Carried the Saviour in her womb, His name Jesus.
He said, “no matter how high sounding it may appear, believe.”
Do what? Believe.
For amazing fulfilment of prophecies in our midst, lift up your 2 hands and give God thanks.

-He will plant 10,000 Churches: He did it.
-He will plant 5,000 Churches: He did it.

Give Him thanks everybody.
The thanksgiving continues:
-For the Word that has come to pass in your own life, Give Him thanks.
-You are not where you used to be, He has changed your story, give Him thanks.
-Have you ever experienced fulfilment of prophecies: Give God thanks for it!!


The feast kicks off tomorrow at 7 pm.
You will also be glad to know that Dr Copeland is already around and will be a blessing to us in tomorrow’s evening Service.
Don’t forget, the thanksgiving and praise continues. It’s a whole day’ affair. Do it from the heart and watch how God decorates your life.
Give God thanks:
For where grace has brought you to. It is by the grace of God that we are where we are and we are who we are. Give Him thanks and praise.
No Covenant Hour of Prayer tomorrow: we are all just getting set, preparing ourselves as individuals for the outbreak of God’s power as He launches us into our Promised Land beginning from tomorrow evening.
From Tuesday morning, we have the Prophetic Feast Prayer Hour: 5:30 to 6:30 am.
Then we jump into the morning session from 7:00 am in the morning as announced.


Source: Ndepo TV



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