THE FRIEND THAT PRAYS – BeGreat Devotional – April 28

THE FRIEND THAT PRAYS – BeGreat Devotional – April 28

Scripture Reference: “For through him we both have access to the Father by one Spirit”. EPHESIANS 2:18.

A very good Christian friend is one who prays with and for you. There is a certain feeling of assurance and safety when we know that we have a partner who intercedes on our behalf. To some others, it even is an expression of love.

However, it is not every time that we pray the will of God concerning an issue. Sometimes, we are led by emotions or sentiments and these feelings can make us say prayers that are not in line with the Word of God. God does not do anything outside the Word of God. So sometimes, even though someone decides to pray for us, the person may be praying wrongly.

The good news is that the Holy Spirit helps us to pray the exact thing God wants to do in a situation. Since he is the Spirit of God, He knows first-hand what is on God’s mind concerning that issue or situation that needs to be prayed about.

The Bible says “for we know not how we ought to pray” but the Holy Spirit, the friend who prays and intercedes for us, knows how to and he does this whenever we pray in tongues. The Holy Spirit is our auxiliary, our helper and our friend in every area of our lives.

Daily digestNot only do our prayers please God, the Holy Spirit uses them to accomplish heavens on earth.

Prayer: Dear Holy Spirit, I thank you for being a wonderful person. I realize that I may have undermined your importance because I did not fully understand what you are capable of. Today, however, I ask you to take your full place in my life. I give you total access into my life and every area that concerns me. More importantly, I ask that you help me pray whenever I decide to pray because you know exactly what to pray about. Amen.

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BeGreat Devotional – April 28



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