Kairos Moments – Onilude Segun

Kairos Moments – Onilude Segun

The word time (depending on the context in which it is used) emanates from two Greek words , chronos and kairos. The former implies chronological or sequential time (as seen in age and number of years) ,while the latter refers to opportuned , critical or defining moment.

There are moments that determine whether you live or die as an ordinary man or you live to have your name in the annals of history ,such moments are called Kairos Moments.

Today’s graduate was a student yesterday , the world’s most celebrated athlete today was once a trainee, the mother today was not with child at some point , but a moment (could be a second, minute or hour (s)) changed everything.

The reality is that the ability to determine when these moments come in our life is not within our capacity ,our best bet then is to keep building capacity, and working in the outlined pat of our desired destination until the time comes. Until then keep the hope alive ,do not relent in doing good and my utmost pray for you is that when your opportuned moment comes ,you will not miss it.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.

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