With all God deposited in Samson, it is of great pity that the daughters (Timnah and Delilah) of his enemies (Philistines) saw to his downfall.

There were red flags when he first married Timnah yet he went ahead to marry Delilah again. We all know his end.

Dear single brothers and sisters, do not marry from Philistines. Philistines here refers to unbelievers , pagans, people who don’t share the same faith with you.

No matter how nice and homely they appear, they can never be God’s will for you.

It is of great pity that some brothers and sisters with great destinies end up marrying Jezebels and Delilahs in male and female forms because they don’t find their fellow brethren attractive and marriageable.

I even learnt that these firebrand brothers and sisters marry them because they thought they will use their annointing to save them in marriage.

If almighty Samson could not change Tamnah and Delilah what makes you think you can change anyone.

Bible says the sons of God finds the daughters of men attractive and married them and they end up giving birth to Giants (oppressors)

That is what happens when you carry your anointing to go and marry from Philistines (people of the world, unbelievers, pagans)

The anointing you carry cannot change an unrepenting sinner and a chronic pagan.

Salvation is a self made decision. You can’t impose it on someone who doesn’t have interest in it.

If you don’t want all God deposited in you to go down the drain,

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If you don’t want to be a waster of heavenly resources,

If you don’t want all your labor in the Gospel to be forgotten so soon,

If you don’t want to be the reason why pagans will ridicule the name of Christ,

If you don’t want to end up a backslider (Solomon almost turned a backslider when he married many strange women thank God for the mercy that found him and restore him back to God)

It’s better you marry from your brethren , fellow singles in Christ.

Don’t allow covetousness and worldliness push you into the hands of Delilahs in male and female forms.

Wisdom is profitable to direct

© Ayorinde Esther Temitope, April, 2021

Source: Ndepo TV Facebook Page



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