The Gift of Men (Pt.4) — The Assistors

The Gift of Men (Pt.4) — The Assistors

The world is filled with systems, organisations, institutions and structures with each containing different people in units and sub-units with a untiy of direction, all working to drive the big vision of the system they belong to. Many times this vision are what was actually conceived in the heart of a person and he got people around to put it on motion.

The concept outlined above validates the reason why interdependence is a great aspect of realising a vision.

There is always a vision to bring to reality, an aim to achieve and a mission to embark on. In every of these instances, we need men with special attributes that can catalyse our work to be with us, believe in what we see and help drive it — they are the assistors.

It is a great thing to have someone or a set of people who believe in the vision you carry and are willing to give all they can to bring it to life. Assistors stay with you when its good and other way round, when it seems as though things may not work they stay still, they are very faithful set of people.

Finally, my dear friend, men who play the role of assistors in our lives are very rare to find. This implies that its a great blessing to have them around, your responsibility then is not to despise them, make them fill appreciated always and don’t take advantage of them.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.

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