The Gift of Men (Pt. 3) — The Attackers

The Gift of Men (Pt. 3) — The Attackers

Once upon a time, there was a man who had two wives , the first one had children and the second didn’t have yet. From time to time , the first wife will always tease the second wife on her predicament and these really pained her , the husband tried several times to console her but his efforts couldn’t overwrite the effect of the pains in the second wife’s heart. This continuous intimidation pushed the woman to make heartfelt supplication to God and she eventually conceived and gave birth.

There are times in life , when we seemed to have relented after trying several times to hit a target and it kept failing or we have gained much comfort in our current status quo that we don’t see a need to move forward. Part of the ways help comes to us in cases like this is that men whose actions and attitude towards us intimidates, discomforts or sometimes offend us are stationed around us for the main purpose of making us shoot out of our comfort zone and lay hold on the new level.

When men come in this form to you , their attitude may seem unbearable and sometimes intolerable, but you must recognize and respect the fact that they are the help sent to you in that time , your responsibility then is to rejoice in the trial and see the big picture.

I pray God gives you understanding.

Your friend,
Segun Onilude.



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