Happy new month dearly beloved, it’s going to be your month of extravagant supplies in the name of Jesus.

On this episode I will be be sharing on how to prepare for a kingdom family.

In the agenda of God, the kingdom is the priority, what the Lord wants established on earth is the kingdom

“Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.”
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:10‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

The kingdom is not just a location, it is an operation, it is the culture of our king, the nature, character and influence and power of our King.

Everything about us should manifest the kingdom of our king.
The family is one of the greatest platforms to birth the kingdom of God in our society, if there had not been failed families there wouldn’t have been a failed nation, a Godless family will produce a Godless nation.

A kingdom family is not one that only speaks in tongues on social media or post Sunday family pictures, even though a kingdom family might do that but a kingdom family is one that models Godliness to a generation, train up children who are kingdom ambassadors, sold out to the course of the kingdom, establish the kingdom of God in their community, legislate on behalf of God in the families, stand against and destroy the works of darkness in their families and their community.

Anyone going into marriage as a believer must understand that they are not going into marriage for procreation or fun alone, for us marriage is an agenda, we are in it to enforce an agenda called THE KINGDOM, marriage for us is work, marriage is a mandate, marriage is a war, that is why we must prepare for it with all of our life as if your life depends on it, actually our life and destiny depends on it.
Never forget this
We are battle Axes
We are weapons of war
We are God’s agent to devastate the kingdom of darkness and to pepper the devil.
We are God’s rescue agents to snatch men and women from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of our God

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Having this understanding is critical before stepping out into marriage.

My wife and I understands this agenda so much, that is why we take marriage more serious, we know we are here to shape a generation, model God to a generation, raise kingdom flaming marriages, set men and women on fire for God.

See it is great to know your purpose, but you must know your family purpose also.

How should I prepare for a kingdom marriage?

  1. Know the Mandate that God has given you, know your role in God’s army. I know I am God’s bootcamp and Principal of Heaven’s Defense Academy (HDA) the place where we raise, build and equip men with the ingredients of fire to annihilate the works of darkness, the place where we set men on fire and firerize them. That is why we started the Flaming college, to set men on fire till they begin to burn their world.
  2. Locate a partner who has such mandate or can complement the mandate or has a place in the mandate. My wife came as a multiplier of my mandate, she is called to raise female kingdom warrior generals, she is a snipper in the kingdom, she misses nothing.
  3. Develop yourself and gather relevant knowledge in your mandate- I read books that set me on fire and expands my mind, when we started courtship, I took my wife to the bookshop and I bought books worth 16 thousand naira then (it was a big money to me then ooo) just to begin courtship, that was my gift. She needs to have the same mind with me.
  4. Pray pray pray pray pray pray- Prayer is one of our core ingredient in the making of anyone that will matter in the army of God, when I say prayers I don’t mean give me give me prayers, I mean kingdom focused prayers, prayers like the prayers of john Knox, prayers like the prayers of DL Moody, Charlse G Finey, terrible dimensions of prayers, Give me my campus or I die.
    This prayers are what you do and you know you have prayed, you blast in tongues for hours not just for yourself but you pray to establish the kingdom of God in your sphere of influence.

I want to set 30 million people on fire for God, that is top in my prayer list now, Oh God anoint me and give me a voice to reach 30 million people and set them on fire for you.
I told God that if He gives me my generation, I will return to Him a burning generation.

  1. Have a kingdom vision burning in your heart and document it. My life goal is to set 30 million souls on fire, fill stadiums for God, raise a burning generation, these visions are so much in my heart, they have consumed me so much, they make me pray, fast, study, connect, give. There is fire in my bones.
  2. You need a father/mentor- This is the secret of fulfilling your mandate, my wife knows all my mentors and she has access to all of them, she can report me if I am messing up, she knows I am accountable, never marry anyone that is not accountable to anyone. The blessings from your father will change the equation for you, open doors and lift you from your present level, mentorship brings guidance and correction, it helps you to stay on track and do better than your best.
  3. Eat the word- This is the most important resource in our kingdom, the word is our life , as oxygen is to man so is the word to a kingdom man, we don’t just read to share RHEMA, we eat the word to live
    “But He answered and said, “It is written, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.’ ””
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭4:4‬ ‭NKJV‬‬
    I hope you are blessed

I will continue later

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