He Opens His Hands, She Opens Her Laps (What You Need To Know About SMAN and SWAN) – Lucinda

He Opens His Hands, She Opens Her Laps (What You Need To Know About SMAN and SWAN) – Lucinda

So we have been classified into two groups, the society has finally boxed us into two categories.

You’re either on this side or the other side.

Somebody will be wondering what I’m speaking about.

This is it.
I woke some days ago to see the trending SMAN and SWAN.
I’m sure you know what those acronyms stands for right?
Let me help you for those that don’t know.
SMAN= Stingy men Association of Nigeria
SWAN =Stingy women Association of Nigeria.

The whole drama was first of all funny to me until it dawned on me that the society is selling a dangerous message to us and the younger generation.

Looking at this whole drama critically you will realize that the logo of the various association spells in clear terms what it stands for.

My point here is…

The society is painting to us that the only essence of a relationship between a man and a woman is ‘Give and Take’

The Society is showing to us that the only worth of a man is the amount of money in his hands, pocket or bank account.

The Society wants us to believe that the entirety of a woman is what’s between her laps.

I weep for this generation if that’s the only basis for relationships we have come to embrace.

If coming into your life means that all i can get is cash and all you receive is access to my body…we’re of all generations most miserable.

Somebody will come under my comment section to defend whatever you feel isn’t correct with my perspective of this but before you do that, take some time to analyze what this whole trend is doing to the minds of the upcoming generation.

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We’re of the microwave generation no doubt, we don’t dig deep into anything, we jump at any information and begin to build structures that will crumble in no time.

If the only thing you see as a lady is the cash you want to get from that guy and the lap you have to open as a justification to stay in a relationship, my dear, you need help má.

If the only reason why you call her up, send her messages, post her pictures and refer to her as bae is the access to her private parts, my dear, something is wrong with your head sir.

Can we get ourselves beyond this already, can we reflect the image of a cultured society, can we just grow past all of these insanity.

I’m tempted to begin to preach right now but trust me you’ve heard countless sermons.

One thing that must be clear in your head is this.. If the only thing a man sees about you is the beautiful body and nothing more, you won’t last around here.

It’s a new year and we’re already seeing stuff like this, I’ve seen several ladies pledging their allegiance to the SWAN and I’m like….

Sister your destiny is beyond what’s between your laps please.

Brother your destiny is far beyond the amount in your account put together.

Can we wake up to the reality of life and start living proper lives.

What’s all these about money and sex for God’s sake.

Is that all there’s to us?

So a relationship is basically money and sex?

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After money and sex nothing?

Who then will reform our broken and dead system?

Who will restore moral uprightness in our children?

Who will bring back sanity to our society?

Who will arise and stop the influence of corruption in our public offices?

Who will stand to quench the fire of bad governance and watery leadership?

I know we have people who are still normal around here.

Can we arise and kick out this insanity before our children are compelled to walk in it.

I have made up my mind to stop any flow of rubbish around me this year.

I think I’ve said enough for one morning.

A word is enough for the wise.

Think about your children and the life they will come to live as you spread that virus.

Those that live in glass houses , don’t throw stones.

I come in peace.



I’m Lucinda



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