Covenant Thinking For A Productive Future – BeGreat Devotional – January 13

Scripture Reference:

Is anything too hard for the Lord to do?’ Genesis 18:14

When you say the word ‘destiny’, you should think of the word ‘destination’. That speaks of your journey through life. You should start looking into your future via the Abrahamic covenant. That covenant cancels every impediment and limitation.

Whatever it takes for God to re-brand you in destiny is not too hard for Him to do. Sarah found herself in that very place in her journey of life. She was reproached because she was barren. Then she encountered the covenant-keeping God, and her entire journey was re-defined. Nothing is absolutely too hard for God to do if your destiny requires it.

God said to Sarah, ‘Is anything too hard for the Lord to do?’ Genesis 18:14. Sarah was re-branded! David walked from obscurity into prominence. He was forgotten in the wilderness while destiny was waiting at home for him. No one sat down until he arrived. Because you are in Christ, even if you have been forgotten I hereby prophesy a season of remembrance for you in the Name of Jesus! God will bring you from the backside and seat you among princes. Whatever it will take for God to decorate you anew receive now by faith!

Daily digest: It is the covenant that lifts!

Prayer: I charge you to walk into your destiny in Christ right now in Jesus’ Name.

BeGreat Devotional

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