Completing the knowledge cycle – By Onilude Segun

Completing the knowledge cycle – By Onilude Segun

My dear friend, my letter to you today is in a bid to re-emphasize some of the thoughts I have communicated in the past letters I wrote to you.

Know this, every process has an expected end or outcome and until we get that outcome, that cycle is not completed. It is for this reason that it is essential that we have a clear picture of what the end result looks like so that we can accurately measure the level to which we are closer to conforming to that picture. And when it come to the process of knowledge acquisition ,it is not an exception.

Before any student can be qualified for an higher level of study , there is always a requisite knowledge cycle that must have been completed and usually the evidence of completion is seen in the ability of the student to apply that previous understanding in tackling the solutions in the new level otherwise things will become difficult for such student.

I gave all these analysis to tell you one thing, the cycle of knowledge is not complete until the knowledge acquired has not only become a part of you, but also converted into actions that can be exerted in relevant areas of your life — this is what makes growth evident.

Make it an habit to evaluate every knowledge you have acquired and see to it that you extract actionable points that you put to play , lest you become a mindful of knowledge with nothing to show for it.

To see you lead a better life is my utmost desire and it is to this end that I have brought these thoughts to your remembrance. Be intentional about this and see your growth skyrocket.

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For better foundation on this episode, you can read my past letters to you : Make a move and Measures.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.



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