Go the extra mile

Go the extra mile

My friend, its with great joy that I received the news of your new job. And seeing that my wish is to you see excel in your work place, I have decided to write to you on something I believe will help you stand out there.

Every individual that is committed to an organization/institution has a detailed description of duties and responsibilities given to him/her at the point of assuming responsibility. This description informs you of what is expected of you as long as you occupy that position. However, to make your stay in that position worthwhile and even after you must have left there , one thing you must add to that description is the willingness to adequately do all that is expected of you and when you have the opportunity, go beyond that.

You have to understand that outstanding people don’t put them selves within the limit of what is expected of them only , usually they go the extra mile to bring out a better version of themselves.

There are many benefits that is attached to this quality of going the extra mile , I will outline some of them for you:

  • In the process of going out of what is expected of you alone , sometimes you come across something that will of great benefit to you in the future and you possibly may not have come across it if you hadn’t taken the responsibility of going out of the box.
  • Some other time the knowledge you acquire in that process makes you become the go-to person when problems around that area occurs.
  • Doing this is an act of seed sowing , for eventually one of the virtues that every leader needs in his team is a team member that is willing to go any length for the vision. And by the sowing-and-reaping principle ,you will sure reap the same when you start out in your enterprise.
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Refuse to grumble or complain when given tasks that are outside the description of your commitment (in doing this , you must be discerning enough to know when you are been taken advantage of).

I hope my letter met you well. Do well to apply this quality appropriately as you go on in you daily activities in there.

Your friend,

Segun Onilude.



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