Hunger drives – You can’t be hungry and not look for food. You can’t be thirsty and not look for water to satisfy your thirst

Let us ensure we cross-check. Are we really passionate for the things of God or we are just doing it as a routine – i.e to fulfill all righteousness

There’s something that hunger brings than you know. That’s why winning souls has reduced drastically.

No more passion, no more hunger. We’ve seek and found satisfaction from something else. Something mundane.

Oh take me back to the days of the Apostles!😭😭

They stoned Apostle Paul to death but when he was surrounded by the believers he stood up.

Something was driving on his inside than the usual. It was an unusual hunger. A different kind of burden that hasn’t rested on us yet

And do you know the funniest thing? Immediately he stood up he went to the next city to preach. Kaya who does that now? Can’t you see this thing with me?

I mean he already has an excuse and a very tangible one at that to stop preaching for even a month sef but my guy didn’t stop. Souls must be won. He fought through.

Take me back to those days

What have your hunger driven you to do for God? What steps have you taken to prove that you are hungry for God? Are you even truly hungry? Or it’s so that you’ll not go to hell fire that you are still with him?

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It is not a mistake or by chance that you were born into that Christian family. But the way you started is not the same way you’ll continue. You have to come into the consciousness of something.

Something must be factored within your soul. You must collide with something. A burden must be placed in your heart

Take me back to those days😢

[Written by: Okoko Emmanuel]



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