The Honour Code

The Honour Code

The Honour Code

Dear friend,

As I begin this series with you, I would that this truth is established in your heart forever — that God is the creator of the universe, and everything that truly works is a product of His wisdom, whether the person engaging it is aware or not.

Having establish that , another truth is this , in life the race is not always to the swift neither is the battle to the strong but what happens to them all is time and chance — this time and chance is what places men at the right place and the right time. As such , time and chance is too precious a thing that you should allow it to ever leave your custody , and one of the major factor to sustain it is what I will be sharing with you elaborately in this series — Honour.

Honour is the quality of regarding someone or an entity with great respect, and it shouldn’t be mistaken for respect because when it comes to honour ,it comes with substance. There are different channels to which you can extend honour , and I will be discussing each of them with you in this series , the first of which is God.

Honoring God is the core of unending blessing on earth , and as I have already mentioned ,you do that with your substance, in terms of giving to the expansion of His kingdom on earth, living a life that exemplifies His love to men and seeing to it that in all your endeavors and life decisions , you make Him your priority.

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This is the first and most important channel to extend honor to, for if you can, honoring other channels will be an easy thing to do.

For when all has been said and done, and you have exerted every effort necessary to bring your dreams to reality , it gets to a place where your voice cannot reach neither can your legs get to ,it is your substance given in honour to God that speaks for you in places like that.

So my dear friend, put God first in your plans, prioritize His kingdom in your giving, esteem your relationship with Him highly and let His will be your final say. Do this and watch you life move from one level of greatness to the other.

Till next time ,when I will write to you, put into action all have communicated to you in this letter. I eagerly await your testimonies.
Your friend,
Segun Onilude.



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