The Reason You Have Not Been Operating In Those Dimensions – Pastor Daniel Olawande

The Reason You Have Not Been Operating In Those Dimensions – Pastor Daniel Olawande


I don’t know if you are one those young people like me who have prayed, fasted, coveted, gone for impartation, watched videos, chant, sow seeds, you have also done everything possible so that you can operate some desired dimensions, but you are not even close yet.

I know you live a holy and pure life, you have read every book available on some dimensions, you have listened to every message ever preached, those operating those dimensions have prayed for you, you understand the law of honor and yet you are not seeing them yet.

Hear me and hear me well sir, Nothing is wrong with you oo, God is the one that is withholding those dimensions from you, you have done all you should have done, but God doesn’t give what belong to men to boys no matter how the boy impresses Him.

No matter the sacrifices I pay, my faith, desire and hunger, God won’t bring the kind of crowd my father in the Lord, Daddy E.A Adeboye is seeing at the Convention and Congress and Holy Ghost night now to our meetings without first working on me, it is not because I won’t be able to preach to them and see some miracles but because unless He matures me for that level I might not last eventually.

God doesn’t release somethings to you until He matures you Himself for it, and this maturing is not at your pace but the pace of God.

Your own part is just to follow process and be consistent then when it’s time in the eyes of God you enter into those realms

Please don’t be scammed, Fasting and prayers ALONE cannot take you into some realms, there is a need for divine maturing by God Himself and this takes TIME.

God knows if we start seeing some miracles now, they might blow our minds and give us this arrival mentality, so in His infinite mercy, He will keep them till we are matured and dead to them.
God won’t give you what will kill you, He will work on your soul until He is sure your soul can handle some levels of greatness before He can release them.

You first become great in your mind before it manifests physically,
God weighs your heart to see the disposition of your heart with just greatness imaginations before He brings the physical manifestations.

May I not see or enter any realm that will take me away from God or make me proud in Jesus name.

it is better and safer not to see some dimensions and be in the will of God than to be operating strange realms and blown away from God.

Don’t be discouraged brother and sister, follow process, God is cooking you and He won’t serve you till He is done with you and until you are done also you can’t be served to your generation. NOTE :COOKING REQUIRES TIME AND FIRE AND SPICES.

Open up and let God work on your soul
I hope you are instructed

I see a burning generation

Source: Dunamis Hub


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