Important Notice From Pastor Femi Lazarus

Important Notice From Pastor Femi Lazarus

Important notice.

My heart sinks when I receive messages from people thanking me for paying the price. This is a very serious mistake and I believe it must be corrected.

Was Christ not crucified for our sins to be forgiven?
Can any man have anything except it was given to him from above?
Was any man selected because he was chasing after God?
Is fasting and prayers the producer of Grace?
When we fast and pray we only take advantage of Grace, we are not producing it.
It is of Grace, so that no man can boast.

I personally believe that it can never be said to be a season of revival yet as long as some of us look like celebrity preachers.

We are coming to a time when we will turn a whole nation to Christ and still walk freely on the street without anyone trying to take selfie or kneel down to be prayed for, not because they don’t honor is as pastors but because they have been pointed to Christ.

I am still amazed at what God is doing, I paid no price for anything.
Do I fast? Yes!
Do I pray! Yes, often!
Do I give? Yes, as a lifestyle!
How can one boast of these things, when it is God who works in us both to will and to do of his good pleasures.

Jesus paid the ultimate price, He alone paid the price, we all are taking advantage of that price!

If you are currently fasting now so you can add it to your spiritual CV, you have failed! That is not what qualifies men, Grace is what qualifies men!

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I returned from a night party the night I gave my life to Christ, it was just a simple conversation between me and my Dad, the questions he asked me were assisted by the spirit and that was all God needed to bring me closer to himself. I wasn’t chasing God, God was chasing me!

If you are currently doing so much now so you can become a celebrity tomorrow in ministry, may God help your heart to repent, because failure to do so will land you in offenses, when you see that after all your efforts in the flesh, nothing is happening. The overall secret is Grace!

We do things not to boast, but because we are taking advantage of what Christ has done!!

Honor men!
Follow those who have through faith and patience obtained the promise.
Follow men as they follow Christ.
Be of service in any capacity because grace rubs on men
Nonetheless, don’t worship any man.

As far as I am concerned, I PAID NO PRICE, GRACE FOUND ME.



Source: Dunamis Hub



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