The Importance of Mid-Night Prayers – Apostle Joshua Selman

The Importance of Mid-Night Prayers – Apostle Joshua Selman

I have said it over and over again please master the act of night prayer. Do away with laziness.

If you keep searching for excuses, you will always find one. A young man who sleeps his life away all night is in trouble.

The night is when gate keepers pray..

The night is when watchers pray.

The night is when destiny changers pray.
You can stay and pray and insist for things to change. Do away with distractions of midnight internet surfing, chatting and movies.. Pray!

I have seen the ministry of angels when I pray. Men can receive things in the night.
Sleep under heavy atmosphere of worship. If you are a minister and you don’t pray, you are in trouble.

Source: Dunamis Hub


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